Zynga Is Now Worth Less Than Its Own Office Building

  • After a long line of difficulties with its product strategy and Business Issues the gaming company Zynga, is now worth less than the office building in San Francisco Zynga purchased its current headquarters for $228 million in 2012. After falling on tough times, Zynga put its headquarters up for sale in February of this year assessed at around $540 million.However, due to its reserves of approximately $1.2 billion of cash on hand, analysts estimate that Zynga is actually worth around $500 million Zynga’s headquarters is now more valuable than Zynga itself. This leaves a few people wondering if this is the start of the end of Zynga they have also started shutting down some of there more popular games such as Mafia Wars and the sale of Yoville now known as Yoworld.