Ways To Test Your Computer’s Security


To kick things off, grab Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. This free tool examines your Windows and Office settings for any potential problems. First, it will check your user account passwords. It will alert you if any account has a weak or disabled password. Accounts with weak or disabled passwords are easy prey for hackers. MBSA will also check many of your account settings. Is your computer set up to get automatic updates Do you have more than one Administrator account on the computer Learn the difference between Standard and Administrator accounts, and which one you should be using.

Open up the browsers on your computer, even ones that you don’t really use, and go to Mozilla’s Plugin checker. It will show you every plug-in installed on the browser and whether it’s up to date. Even though it’s from the company that makes Firefox, it does work for Internet Explorer, Chrome and other browsers.

One of the basics of any security setup is a firewall. Windows and Mac have decent firewalls built in, and many third-party security programs included them.
A firewall keeps hackers from seeing your computer online when they’re searching for victims. Even if they know where you computer is, the firewall keeps them out. However, a wrong port setting can send up a flare revealing your computer, or give hackers an opportunity to slip past. If you have a virus, it might have changed your settings without you knowing. A port test service like PortTest scans your firewall to make sure your computer is invisible. If it can see you, so can a hacker.

Your computer isn’t the only place you keep your information. Think about how much you have up on Facebook that a scammer would love to have.
Even if you have your privacy settings set just right, you could still be in danger. Facebook changes its privacy settings regularly. If you don’t keep up, strangers could see your information. That’s why the “View As” tool is so handy. It shows you what your profile looks like to the public or specific people. If any of your information has the wrong settings, you’ll be able to see it. Go to your Facebook profile and next to the “Activity Log” button, click the gear icon and choose “View As You’ll see exactly what your profile looks like to strangers. Click through your Timeline, About, Photos, Friends and other sections.If you see any posts or photos you don’t want visible to the public, go back to your profile. Then click the “Update Info” button on the right. You can now edit everything in your profile. To the right of each item will be an icon with an upside-down triangle. Click this to choose who can see the information. When you’re done, click the “Done Editing” button near the top of the About section.There are plenty more settings you can change that affect your Facebook privacy