War Commander Save Error Bypasses


War Commander temporary Save Error Bypasses has been released and updated on 15 July 2016 ! (ALL HACKS WORK NOW. Gold hack works now)

Trainer contains : 

  • Gold Hack
  • Gold Hack Bypass so that you can use the gold
  • Building Upgrade Save Error Bypass
  • Unit Upgrade Save Error Bypass
  • Unit Production save Error Bypass
  • Missile Upgrade and Production Save Error Bypass
  • One click building upgrade
  • Turret Save Error Bypass
  • Instant Base / Units Repair(Use the hacked gold to repair your base/units)

These bypasses are just temporary that means if you upgrade a building / Produce a unit instantly you WON’T GET ANY SAVE ERROR but those buildings / produced units won’t get saved.

Then why did you release it ?

Because so that everyone else could try this and try finding a way around to make it save ! Plus it’s also fun for those who’re planning to make temporary bases 😉 A lot of you guys might be wondering that this trainer is useless , well NO IT’S NOT ! Read the following


  • Instant Upgrade Missiles
  • Buy Resources (When you buy  refresh and use the bough resources)
  • Expand Your Base
  • Compress Metal and Oil Storages to increase the capacity
  • Instant Base Repair
  • Increase Storage Capacity if you’re full by upgrading the storage Building.
  • Instant Unlock Workshop items
  • Instant Upgrade Worksop items
  • Bypass Resources for Workshop Equip on Aircraft , Infantry and vehicles
  • Free name change

If You can do anything else that I’ve missed in that list , please leave comment below.

If someone finds a way around to save the things that don’t get saved using this trainer, please leave a reply / comment below !

Note : When you open the trainer , you’ll just see just two options. ENABLE THEM BOTH. Everything’s in those two options ! 

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  1. i have big problem with war commander since yesterday (( the game won’t be saved ”i’m not talking about error save” i’m talking about the icon of (( game saves automatically )) it stays RED all the time and won’t save my progresses and when i try go to world map it block in (( LOADING )) and when i refresh the game still not saving !!!! so any suggestions ??????????? pleaas

  2. There are still some hacks that havent patched like workshop,base repair.full oil and metal reso also unlocking all stash buildings too can u create cetrainer for those ?