War Commander Save Error Bypasses

War Commander temporary Save Error Bypasses has been released and updated on 15 July 2016 ! (ALL HACKS WORK NOW. Gold hack works now)

Trainer contains : 

  • Gold Hack
  • Gold Hack Bypass so that you can use the gold
  • Building Upgrade Save Error Bypass
  • Unit Upgrade Save Error Bypass
  • Unit Production save Error Bypass
  • Missile Upgrade and Production Save Error Bypass
  • One click building upgrade
  • Turret Save Error Bypass
  • Instant Base / Units Repair(Use the hacked gold to repair your base/units)

These bypasses are just temporary that means if you upgrade a building / Produce a unit instantly you WON’T GET ANY SAVE ERROR but those buildings / produced units won’t get saved.

Then why did you release it ?

Because so that everyone else could try this and try finding a way around to make it save ! Plus it’s also fun for those who’re planning to make temporary bases 😉 A lot of you guys might be wondering that this trainer is useless , well NO IT’S NOT ! Read the following


  • Instant Upgrade Missiles
  • Buy Resources (When you buy  refresh and use the bough resources)
  • Expand Your Base
  • Compress Metal and Oil Storages to increase the capacity
  • Instant Base Repair
  • Increase Storage Capacity if you’re full by upgrading the storage Building.
  • Instant Unlock Workshop items
  • Instant Upgrade Worksop items
  • Bypass Resources for Workshop Equip on Aircraft , Infantry and vehicles
  • Free name change

If You can do anything else that I’ve missed in that list , please leave comment below.

If someone finds a way around to save the things that don’t get saved using this trainer, please leave a reply / comment below !

Note : When you open the trainer , you’ll just see just two options. ENABLE THEM BOTH. Everything’s in those two options ! 

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