War Commander Deposit Repair


War Commander Deposit Repair code was released on 26 July 2016 ! 

Requirements :

Steps to use the code : 

  • Open your cheat engine and choose the correct process
  • Let the game load at 80 / 81%
  • Scan D0 66 EE 01 46 B0 05 01 46 03 01 61 D4 D9 01 D0 under “Array of bytes”
  • Select the addresses you get after scanning and press that red arrow to get the address down
  • Double click on the address and replace it with “D0 66 F2 03 46 B0 05 01 46 03 01 61 D4 D9 01 D0
  • Put the damage Units inside a deposit you own
  • Visit the world map then go back to your deposit
  • Call off your units from the deposit
  • Now your damage units should be repaired

Note: Comment posted by a CT member on how to get it to work (for those who don’t understand / couldn’t make it work) :

 “Worked first try. For those of you suggesting it doesn’t be sure to set the unit you want repaired to GUARD the depo, back out of the depo and then click the eject icon over the depo to relieve your unit and send them back to base. Don’t just walk your toon to the depo, go in to look at your depo and just exit back to world map. You MUST set the damaged toon to GUARD the depo!”

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