Vikings Gone Wild Mod Menu Hack [Updated on 7 Dec 2017]


Vikings Gone Wild Ultra Hack was released and updated on 7 Dec 2017! (This hack only works on Facebook Gameroom)

Trainer contains:

  • Instant Unit Productions: The training time for your units will be 1 second
  • Bypass Unit Production Cost: The production cost for your units is 1
  • Disable Enemy Defense Towers :(NEW): Disables defenses like cannons, Chicken Towers, Sheep Cannons and all the other kinds of turrets / towers. The tower will shoot once though. ONLY ONCE.
  • Unlimited Health (NEW)
  • High Attack Speed (NEW)

Enable the hacks while the game shows “Connecting” at the loading screen


Note: If you upgrade / Level up your unit while the hack still enabled, the beer amount will increase. If you want to level up your unit then refresh the game with no hacks enabled and upgrade it. Let the game save and then refresh the game. This has been tested in both pvp and pve. It works and saves your progress even after the refresh. If any of the hacks don’t work, let us know by commenting below. 

Steps To Use the hack :

  • Download the modified DLL with Mod menu from below
  • Start your game
  • Open your task manager.
  • Look for “vgw.exe”. Right click on it and click “open file location”
  • After the folder opens up , go to vgw_Data>Managed
  • Copy and replace the “Assembly-CSharp.dll” with the modified dll download.
  • Refresh your game to see the changes.

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Screenshots :



Video tutorial : 

Tips for those are who getting disconnected: (Thanks to a CT member named Oveeer)

  • Do not automatically recover units
  • Do not take the time online award
  • Do not pick up the award event
  • Do not collect resources from your mines!

Download the hack from below: 


  1. Hello,

    good work all the time… Big comliment.

    Would you pleas update the hack (assembly.dll) for vikings gone wild???

    Big Thank you