How To Use The New CTMT

The NEW CTMT has 5 menu options:

  • Home
  • Hacks
  • Mod Apks
  • CT Tools
  • Updates

Home :

This section is nothing but a welcome screen. You will find 4 buttons on the left side which are the links to our official Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Website and Youtube Channel.

On the right hand side you will find a “CT-News” Section which will show all the hacks that were updated or the new hacks that were added every day.

Hacks :

This is where you will find all the hacks for browser based games / offline games made by Cyber Terminators. On the left side you will find the list of games that were hacked by us. Here’s the step by step guide to use this section :

  • First, find your game from the list on left hand side of hacks section. The list of games is in Alphabetical order. (A-Z order)
  • Click on “Select” Button after selecting your game.
  • You will now see the browser buttons on right side.
    The new CTMT has Chrome, Firefox, Gameroom and Maxthon as default browsers. If you dont find your browser listed then you can enter the PID of the browser you’re using by clicking the “Other” Button.
  • Make sure that your game is completely loaded.
  • Process For Flash games running on Chrome / Firefox / Maxthon / Gameroom :
    • Click on the button and it will connect to your browser. If it says “Not found” then your game is either not a flash game or it hasn’t loaded completely.

  • Process For Unity games running on Maxthon / Gameroom :
    • Click on Maxthon / Gameroom button as soon as the game starts loading !
  • Process For Flash / Unity Games running on other browsers or clients :
    • Click on the “Other” button. You will see a popup where you need to enter the PID of the browser / a client process that’s running your game.
      For example, say you’re running the game on Microsoft Edge browser then start your game, let it load completely, open your task manager, click on the details tab, look for microsoft edge process, you will find a number beside it under the column “PID”, Enter that number into the box of CTMT. Press OK.

  • After you have selected your browser, you will see the list of hacks loaded below.
  • Tick the checkbox beside the hack you want to enable.
  • If it’s a flash game then reload the game and click enable button as soon as you see the loading bar of the game.
  • If it’s a Unity game then reload the game , click on the browser button again and then enable the hacks.

  • You can use the “Reset” button to reset everything. It will reload the hacks and remove the selected browser.

Mod APKs Section :

  • You will see the list of mod apks available for the games. Select one game and click on “Select” button
  • You will see the details on right.
  • Click on Download and it will redirect you to the direct download page of the mod apk / obb


CT Tools :

Here’s you will see the list of CT Tools. Right now its only CT Process Hacker and Request Hacks.

Request Hacks :

  • You can request hacks using this tool.
  • Just fill out the required info and press “request”.