Trop World Casino Slots Coins Hack was released and updated on 22 Sept 2017. 

Trainer Contains:

  • BroadWalk Slots Coins Hack : You get up to 10 Million or more coins on every spin. If you win a bet then you get ever more ! MAKE SURE TO BET 1000-5000 COINS ONLY ! If you bet anymore, your coin balance might go into a negative number and i wont be able to help you.

Steps to use this hack :

  • Start you game, run the trainer and select the browser process.
  • Refresh the game and enable the hacks while the loading is at 20% or more.
  • Select BroadWalk Slots and set the bet between 1000 to 5000.
  • Click on spin and you will earn a lot of coins.
  • Now to save them , just play some random games for at least 3 minutes.
  • Once done, you can refresh and your coin balance will be huge.

Note: Make sure that the bet is between 1000 – 5000 coins only. If any of the hacks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks as soon as possible!

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Video tutorial:

Download the hack from below: 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)