Throne Rush [FIXED]


Throne Rush hack was released and updated on 19 Sept 2016 ! (Bypass added, now you will not lose the resources won + You can use it on PVP)

Trainer Contains:

  • Disable Enemy Defenses + Bypass: This will disable all the turrets, cannons , towers and everything else.

Note: This hack has been tested  on both PvE and PvP. You will not lose any resources won during the battle. You might lose your units (Still working on this bypass). This is safe to use. If any of the hacks are not working, let us know by commenting below so that we can update them asap.


  • At least 40 Knights (More the knights deploy, more the rewards you get at the end)

Steps to use the hack :

  • Refresh your browser and enable the hacks when you see the second loading screen.
  • Select mission / arena
  • Deploy ALL THE KNIGHTS anywhere you like
  • Let them destroy everything.
  • At the end of the battle , you will still receive the resources




Video tutorial –

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  1. hi i love your work buddy <3 was wondering if you could hack more gameslike café land and farm ville 2 please
    I could give you specific names later if you aqk for em, there is that township game that you hacked earlier on android and I have been wondering if you can hack the facebook version thank you !!! <3

  2. Hello mister MD cane u update on it a gold hack ore insta building upgrade hack and cane u figger out the bug fro attack players destroy them 100 % and say 49 % ??

    regards Mike

  3. for my opinion dont waste any more time doing hacks for this stupid game …btw the hack is patched again or (i win, towers doenst deal any damage to me ,but i still dont win ) in visual i win but when i go back i didnt win nothing ..wasting time ,soldiers and ,food and disnt received nothing..thnx 🙂