Tetris Battle Get Lines every time Hack

Tetris Battle Get Lines every time Hack was released and updated on 19 January 2018 ! GAME LINK

Trainer Contains:

  • All Lines Hack + Always a Win: I didn’t know what to name it so I named it as “All Lines Hack”. So basically what happens is every block or piece of Tetris you get is a line ! This hack gets applied to all of your opponents but THEY WILL NEVER WIN! You will always win.

Enable the hacks while the game is still loading!

Note: This hack works in Battle 2P, 4P, 6P, Arena, Sprint and Marathon. It has been tested in all the game modes and is working in all the game modes. If any of the hacks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks asap!

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Video Tutorial :

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


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