Star Of Heroes


Star Of Heroes hack was released and updated on 22 Sept 2016 !

Trainer Contains:

  • Instant Skills: You can use your unique skills instantly without losing any mana
  • Auto Attack: You don’t need to be VIP1 to auto-attack after enabling this.
  • Speed Up Battle: You dont have to be VIP2 to speed up battles after enabling this.

Enable the hacks as soon as you see the loading screen

Note: Do not use Auto Attack with Speed up or else it might freeze your screen. Comment below which hacks you want to see by the next update (except the coins / diamonds hack). If any of the hacks are not working, let us know by commenting below so that we can update them asap.

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Video Tutorial : 


  1. You are so bigger!! You are so big dady!! You are very 2 best!! Thank you Lord MD.. I’m so happy because you listen to what I want.. Thank you so much 🙂