Star Battleships Disable Enemies + Damage + Always Your Turn Hack

Star Battleships Disable Enemies + Damage + Always Your Turn Hack was released and updated on 22 December 2017!

(This game is available on Facebook Gameroom)

Trainer Contains:

  • Disable Enemies: Your opponents/Enemies won’t be able to attack you.
  • Always your turn: Since your enemies won’t be able to attack you, it will be always your turn.
  • Damage Hack: Do high damage to your enemy’s ships.
  • Accuracy Hack: This will increase the accuracy of your weapons which will help in doing critical attacks + even more damage!

Select the browser process as soon as you load the game. (or you can use the CT Process hacker to pause the process). Enable the hacks as soon as the trainer selects the process!

Note: This hack has been tested in both PvP and PvE. It works in both PvE and PvP. If any of the hacks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks as soon as possible!

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Video tutorial:

Download the hack from below: 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


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