Social Empires Ultra Hack


Social Empires Ultra hack was updated and released on 4 March 2017 ! 

Trainer Contains : 

  • Make cost to 0: Everything in the shop becomes zero. That means you can buy everything for free !
  • Collect Cash Instead of Wood: You can collect cash instead of wood ! Cash is not permanent , its temporary but everything you buy from the cash would be permanent ! DO NOT ENABLE THIS HACK DURING LOADING. ENABLE THIS HACK AFTER THE GAME HAS BEEN LOADED

Note: if any of the hacks don’t work, let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks as soon as possible ! More hacks will be added soon

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Video Tutorial :- 


Download the hack from below : 


  1. when i try to load & stuff, it works fine, even says it loaded correctly, BUT
    then, it says this:
    Failure loading the trainer. Reason: This is not a valid
    cheat table (class TRadioButton” not found)
    all i can do is hit “ok”
    the trainers won’t load.

  2. Hello. First, thank you for exelente work! ;***

    Unfortunately the second option is not working for me. I watched the video, I explained how I tried several times and with different browsers, but it really did not work. 🙁

    I leave a suggestion, put the “Facebook Games Arcade (BETA)” in the list of browsers. ;D

  3. hello am new i hacked this game long ago but wanted to hack again. i can not run your download on win 10. could you please tell me how to got it running thx.