Revolt 3 Coins Hack + Infinite Nitrous Hack


Re-volt 3 Coins Hack + Infinite Nitrous Hack was released and updated on 5 June 2017 ! (This game is available on Facebook Gameroom)

Trainer Contains:

  • Infinite Car Nitrous : Press “]” button to activate your nitrous. They never finish which helps you gain more speed and win the race.
  • Coin Hack: This is done using charles. Watch the video tutorial on learn how to do it.

Enable the hacks as soon as you see the loading bar of the game !

Steps For Coin Hack (or you can watch the video tutorial) :

  • Start Your charles
  • Win a race
  • Go back to charles, look for this IP address.
  • Under that, you should find an URL starting with “race_end?pid=facebook&accesstoken=xxxxxx”
  • Right on that, select Advanced Repeat
  • Enter Iterations as 100 or more and click OK
  • Wait for it to complete it’s process
  • After its done, go ahead and spend your coins. You should see your coins as increased

Note: This hack has been tested in both campaign and multiplayer. It works in both campaign and multiplayer. If any of the hacks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks as soon as possible.


Video tutorial:


Download the cracked version of Charles from below:

Download the hack from below : 



  1. ^bonjour à tous donc merci super sympa. pour info si vous faute le repeat advanced au moment des trois cartes vous multiplier le materiel et les cartes aussi ainsi que les coins.

    pour lr nitrous je ne suis pas arriver . je cherche on verras bien