Request Hacks


~ Requested Hacks Status ~

  • Games Requested The Cannot be Hacked :
    Megapolis, HayDay, PUBG, My Fish Bowl, Dragon City, War Commander : Rouge Assault, Soldier Inc, Lords Mobile, Tanki Online, Call of Spartan, Supercity
  • Hacks Released for Requested Games :
    VegaMix, Farm Town Pets, Winions Mana Champion, Toon Blast, SimCity Build it

If you don’t see your game in the above list then that means i haven’t checked them yet or the hack is already available for it. This list will be updated every 3-4 days !


  1. Can you please have a look at Monster Busters as on levels where you have to remove more than one icon it will not end the game, foe example if you have remove ice prisons and release the gingerbreads separately you carry what is requested but the game will not finish until you have used all moves then tells you have failed

    • Is it the same for all levels ? When i made the hack, the game decreased all the moves when you reach your goal. If its only for one single level then i suggest you to disable the moves hack