Red Crucible Firestorm


Red Crucible Firestorm hack was released and updated on 28 Oct 2017 ! 

The Trainer Contains :

  • No recoil
  • No Spread
  • ESP (shows enemy names) (Buggy, Make sure to enable as soon as loading)
  • Jump Hack
  • Join Any Team (including full rooms)
  • No Cooldown on items

All of these hacks are supposed to be enabled at loading Screen

Steps to use the trainer – 

  1. Refresh Your Game.
  2. Start the trainer and Select the browser you are using.
  3. Enable the hack during the loading Screen

Note: If any of the above hacks dont work, let us know by commenting below so that we can update them as soon as possible! 

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Video tutorial will be added on request

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. Hi, i’l want to chat with you in private for talk about a private cheat for this game, if you are interested send a mail to my mail… I can pay to you 300$ if you create a ESP and Triggerbot for the standalone version and it dont move you to the anti cheat server.

  2. CyberFolf, can an Aimbot for this game be added? One that aims directly at the Torso? (Like, it only snaps to the player if they come around a FOV of 10 from where you’re aiming, otherwise you would get insta banned if you snapped everywhere at an 180 FOV)
    If an Aimbot is not possible, can you somehow remove the Extreme Mouse Smoothing that this game has? Like, that lil delay for moving the mouse?
    Thank You.

    • Go the game, select browser and ‘Select Process’. Then, refresh your game, and enable the hacks whenever you see the Red Crucible loading screen. Enjoy!!