The Rats Multi Hack


The Rats Multi Hack was released and updated on 5 Nov 2016 !

Trainer Contains:

  • More Steal Chance: Your rates have almost 100% more stealing chance while attacks
  • More Stuffing Chance: chance of Enemy rats dying on stuffing is almost 100%
  • No Traps: The cheese while stealing does not have any chance
  • Stuff rats with high level: You can stuff rats with higher level but the chance of them exploding is low.

Enable the hack while game is still loading

Note: If any of the hacks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update them asap !



Video tutorial:

Download the hack from below:


  1. Nvm the more stuffing chance work but jusy have to be aware, not try to stuff the sleeping rat because it’s a glitch and the game will freeze. only with rat who don’t sleep

  2. pls help. trainers dont working
    when i turn on trainer its show me error
    failure loading the trainer. Reason: This is not availd cheat table (Error executing this table’s lua script: Undefinded lua error)
    pls help