Pokemon Go FakeGPS + AUTOWALK


Pokemon Go FakeGPS + AUTOWALK was released on 10 Aug 2016 !

Requirements : (Download links are below)

  • Rooted Android Device
  • Xposed Installer
  • FakeGPS (for changing the locations)
  • Lockito (for autowalk)

Read this article if you want to root your android device

 Steps To Follow (Or You can just watch the video Tutorial):

  • Download xposed installer and install it.
  • Open up xposed installer and go to frameworks
  • Click “Instant/update”. It is going to ask for root permission, click allow.
  • Reboot your phone

After the reboot, open the xposed installer again

  • Go to “Downloads”, search for “Mock Mock Locations”
  • Swipe to left once and click download
  • After downloading it , click on install
  • After installing it, go back and then go “Modules”
  • Click on “Mock Mock Locations”
  • Untick “All Apps”
  • Click on “Add App”. Browse through the list of applications you have and select “Pokemon Go”
  • After making the changes , go back and tick the box beside the “Mock Mock Locations” to activate it.
  • Reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.

After the reboot, open up the google play store

  • Search for fake gps or go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blogspot.newapphorizons.fakegps
  • Install it
  • Open up the application and accept the terms and conditions
  • It will then ask you to enable “Allow Mock Locations” under developer options.
  • Go to developers options and enable “Allow Mock Locations” (Or the app takes you right away to the developer options)
  • Choose the location you wanna be in and hit the “Start” button !

You can use any Fake GPS Application , I personally like this one


  • Open up your Google play and install this app named “lockito” or get it from here – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.dvilleneuve.lockito
  • Make sure you have “Allow Mock Locations” Enabled
  • Press the “+” button on the top to create an instance
  • Choose your location
  • Press and hold at a place to make a starting point.
  • Keep pressing and holding at various locations (around the same city/town) to create a path way
  • Change the speed to 10 – 15 kmph so that you can catch the pokemons or visit pokestops or hatch eggs
  • You can eventually pause it or stop it.

Video tutorial :

Note: Do not move countries in one day. If you are softbanned , it usually ends within 2-3 hours. You can also check out the bots we posted.

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