Pokemon Go Bot (NEW) – Hackemon


Pokemon Go Bot (NEW) – Hackemon was released and updated on 30 August 2016 ! 

Status : SAFE To Use



Features : 

  • Auto Pokemon Farm
  • Auto Pokestop Visit
  • Auto Evolve
  • Sniping Pokemons
  • Auto Transfers Duplicate Pokemons
  • Auto Client Update
  • Level Up pokemons
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Humanzied settings
  • Auto Recyle items





You can use the settings tab inside the bot to change the settings Or Open the settings.json using notepad++ to edit the bot settings

Run the bot, enter your PTC / Google Account username and passwords. Change the settings by clicking on the settings tab. Choose the login type and hit “Start” bot to start the bot.

Join Our Facebook Group to stay updated and contact the admins any time you like – https://www.facebook.com/groups/c.terminators/

Note : visiting 2000 Pokestops/Day = Perma Ban  and Catching 1000 Pokemons/Day = Softban

Video tutorial will be posted on request

Download the hack from below : 

Download Button


  1. Does anyone know how to change the area (size of the patrolled area of the bot)? It has always seemed to me that the area is too large and I can’t control where it goes as well as I would like. Thanks!

  2. how to set or fix that “use proxy/VPN”
    i dont know what to do . any tutorial how to set it in hackemon ? thanks a lot in advance

  3. hey very useful bot gj!! also thanks for providing it free of charge but i have question how can i change the area where my bot farms at cause it seems to be geting hardly any xp. ty in advance

  4. I logged in and start the bot but i do not see any pokestops or catching of pokemons at all. I cant see my pokemons as well. Why is this so?

  5. Hello,
    after i click Start it says successfully logged into ptc……
    But the problem is after a while appears: “Attempting to Re-log in ~5 Secs” Then stopped the session, start again and appears the same thing. Can you solve this problem?

  6. Hi! I just downloaded the app and I can’t seem to start the bot. the logs shows Found a newer version 1.71, downloading please wait…. and it’s been like that for the last 20 minutes…

  7. hello, so i got this problem, my hackemon just go farm pokestop but not catch any pokemon or automatic evolve the pokemon, if i click the auto evolve for the pokemon, my pokemon will decrease but no notification about what the bot is evolving and i got no EXP, after i pause/stop and i relog again, the pokemon still there and not evolved. how to fix this? thanks a lot

  8. I can’t seem to snipe MrMime, have tried it many times and it always comes back with can’t find MrMime. I’ve sniped everything else using pokezz and going after the verified ones. Also found that typing Farfecth’d helped when sniping that Pokemon. How can I get a Mr Mime??