Pokemon Go Account Giveaway!!!!!!


Hello it’s about that time again for a Pokemon account giveaway!!!!
Cyber Terminators will be hosting a live give away for discord members
only!!!! So if your not a discord member and you want to participate in this
give away then make sure you join our discord(https://discord.gg/77xgXfa)..
Be sure to read the #rules page and it will explain how to become a member
and if you are already a member join me at #pogo_giveaway (https://discord.gg/QewqUET)FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A LEVEL 25 POKEMON GO ACCOUNT. While entering the #pogo_giveaway channel all you have to do is type in !giveaway then !pokemon and it will add you to the giveaway and on the 21st of November (JoeJoe’s Birthday) the event will end and our Discord bot will randomly be picking one of the participants and I’ll give them up to 24 hours to claim there account and if they don’t then I’ll make another post and give everyone another shot at winning this account !!!!


~Cyber Terminator JoeJoe~