Omega Zodiac Instant Skills + Speed +Damage Hack was release and updated on 29 Oct 2016 !  GAME LINK

Trainer Contains:

  • Instant Skills: You can use your active skills instantly along with all of your other skills.
  • Faster Movement: You character moves faster. This hack will not lag the game.
  • Max Damage By Skills / 2 Hit Kill: Your Skills do a higher damage. Make sure to select the right skill for the right enemy.

Enable the hacks when you see the Second Loading Screen. Enabling before will show the hacks as “failed”

Note: More hacks will be added in the future. This hack has been tested in PVE only. I am not sure if it will work on PVP. If it does, let us know by commenting below. This game is confusing as hell so thats why i cannot make any further hacks not until i am at a high level.  If any of the hacks are not working, let us know by commenting below.


omegazodiac-2 omegazodiac-3


Video tutorial will be added on request


  1. hi…MD arsalan..ithis is your web??… r u…i remember the last action with u its a long time ago in game Uberstrike..with name team Crasher,…u really awesome

  2. Sir can you pleasee make a hack like skills hack for Drakensang Sir or damage hack 1 shot 1 kill or something pleasee Sir or speed Attack for it Like kingRoads pleasee Sir do something .

  3. Instant Skills: Working only just not show the cooldown timer and if u press the skill it do nothing. So work but do nothing the skill not active tester on talisman skill and avatar skill
    Faster Movement: Its work good so far.
    Max Damage By Skills / 2 Hit Kill : Nah, only skill damage view 1000000 dmg but if u hit mobs the dmg is same like u not use the cheat.

    Tested today, hope will be new hack for Instant skill or damage skill.

    • im still tryng to make new hacks for this game. Max damage doesnt work yeah, i figured that
      I never was able to unlock my skills but i will try finding the attack speed for the player
      hope that helps

  4. Dear Cyberwolf could yu add a working damage hack and speedhack .. i think cooldown Is Not working speedhack too and from Dmg hack i See nothing I die often if I Play quest Hall 🙁 please god Wolf could u add something cool to that Game dear god? Speed attack and spells would be awesome too or a good dmg hack or sonething good that your Community can raid easily with thanks sir I Love your work. Btw I will in The next week donate for your big work and for your Community. Send ne your Paypal:)

  5. please fix dmg hack my husband I love youuu pleasefix this I only die now in dungeon hall damage dont work good or working not

  6. even the speed hack doesnt work anymore. says enabled but speed stays the same +other 2 keeps failing. worked fine yesterday. well at least speed hack.