MarketLand Hack Trainer released and Updated on 9th March 2017 ! (New cash hack added + Gameroom  and chrome support fixed) GAME LIKN

Trainer Contains :

  • Anti-ban (Must be enabled) (ANTIBAN UPDATED)
  • Unlimited Cards (removed temporarily, use the cash to buy the cards)
  • Coin hack : For this to work , give one card to a customer and in return you get millions of money
  • Exp Hack : For this to work , give one card to a customer and in return you get millions of exp
  • 32,000 Cash on Level Up (WORKING NOW): You will recieve 32,000 cash on leveling up !

Steps to use the trainer – 

  1. Refresh Your Game.
  2. Start the trainer and Select the browser you are using.
  3. Enable the hack during the loading of game !

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Note : The Amount of exp and coins you get by the exp and coins hack was changed from 32k to 1 Million.


Video Tutorial : – 

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. Um, is there really an anti ban? Bc in the cheat engine, there’s no anti ban. And can u also give tips in hacking FashLand please? And additional tips in CafeLand please. Um, what does the developers monitor? Thank you!

  2. Hello, sorry to bother you again. I had this hack installed before the latest update. When I went to open it, it said there is nothing to open it with. This was after I uninstalled the old cheat engine (6.5 or maybe 6.4) and installed 6.6. So I uninstalled 6.6, reinstalled 6.5 and it still wouldn’t open so I uninstalled 6.5 and installed 6.4 and well guess what? It still won’t open. I also removed 8 viruses from my computer after each download. I did install the Mega trainer but said it wouldn’t work on windows 7 so I uninstalled it (I think). I clicked delete so I guess it uninstalled. I need help. What in the name of Lord Jesus Christ is going on? I have no cheat engine installed right now because I uninstalled them. I don’t know which one to use. The Marketland hack I have was the update before the newest one. Do you know which trainer it will work on? I also did not have both cheat engines installed at once because I didn’t think it would work.

  3. i would like to thank you for this awesome hack. it has done me well. i just have one issue that just started happening. maybe someone can give me advice?
    well, i follow the steps like i always did since i started using it and it always worked for me. well now all of a sudden, today, the exp and coin hack as well as the cash hack keep coming up failed.. at least the anti-ban enables :p anything i can do on my end to fix it? thank you =]

  4. Is there any way to hack this game like if u order when the delivery comes the food becomes full eg. if we order 52 food but due to hack the food becomes 3000 (full storage)? Like in cafeland food count 1000?

  5. I don’t read if I need to give a card to costumer. I shocked when the cashes popped up.
    Thank you very much! *sobs*

  6. Hello ,
    Everythings works find except the EXP hack , when you give a customer a card you get cash in return not EXP
    Hope it can be fixed
    Thank you very much

  7. First of all, they are a crack to hack games ^^ remain so guys! They have a talent for hacekar games and love for hacking many games ^^ many thank you very much! certainly please try to get to dragon city or legend olnine, Greetings^^!!

  8. Hey pls update the hack. The cash hack is not working, it only gives me 16k xp.
    And also the coin and xp is limited to 16k, i thought it was millions. Please update it thanks.

  9. Thanks Guys it is Now Working TNx A Lot You Guys And This Hack Keep It Up and im Very Happy 😀 Tnx A Lot I just Like A Millionaire I just Beat My Friends 😀 Tnx Tnx and i just Request New Hack Like Galaxy life Hack 😀

  10. Hello friends

    ”note: Lua engine not responding bug was fixed”

    It wasn’t fixed on this 17.01.2016 version, so the trainer isn’t working!