Lets Fish hack was released and updated on 15 August 2017 ! GAME LINK

Trainer Contains: 

  • Instant Fish Catch: Catches fishes instantly
  • Fish Never Gets Away
  • Instant Pull: Pulls the fish instantly after catching as soon as you click on pull

Note: If any of the hacks are not working, let us know by commenting below so that we can update them as soon as possible

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Video tutorial :

Download the hack from below : 



  1. If i use this hack, is there a chance im going to get banned? im not using it on facebook but on Draugiem.lv, its like facebook but latvian version

  2. CTMT 1.4 is Live! Added 5 new hacks, new browsers + much more! Go to CyberTerminators.co to read more!
    Download Cyber Terminators Mega Trainer 1.4 from here – does not work

  3. Try to hack Cash in this game…lol Game like this must be hacker or u just use 500$ for one fishing rode XD lol hack cash somehow 🙂

  4. No longer instant pull etc. In fact the trainer from the 7th still works only u have to wait about 4-7secs before pressing pull or the fish is missed. Please can you confirm you will update it?

  5. Hi.Hello. After the last update, these two options do not work unless properly.

    -Instant Fish Catch: Catches fishes instantly
    -Instant Pull: Pulls the fish instantly after catching as soon as you click on pull

    Not caught quickly, just need to roll up streak. Before the upgrade was all good.

    • i have no idea why this doesnt work with u. Just tested the hack and it works perfectly fine for me.
      make sure yu enable the hack while the game is loading. The instant catch was made to catch the fishes after 2 to 4 seconds

  6. hey cyber hit this guy up with some kali linux tries hacking me in a game so i blocked it and he tried again and he failes i bypassed his vpn i didnt do anything becasue i am white hat. heres his ip send him a virus or dos him if your up for it its his static he might change it so hurry.

  7. G’day MD! Thanks again for your wonderful trainer. Is it possible to unlock all equipments available? This game is quite addicting 🙂