League Of Legends Skin Hack


League Of Legends Skin Hack was released , updated and tested on 19 Aug 2016. It contains all the skins with many more custom skins , HUDs, Loading Screens, Ward Skins and Many more !

Created by skinpreview ,

For those who have are looking for good alternative to Mk LoL or just want to install custom skins via category without downloading them, Skin Preview is a great choice. You get to install Loading screens, HUDs and Customs skins + all riot skins that you want to install all for free without any cost.

  • The program is not breaking any terms of service, so its all legal/legit to use and Riot won’t ban you
  • It’s rather lightweight on the background and doesn’t eat too much resources
  • Seems to be very functioning since it doesn’t crash or anything, but is bit slower to choose X skin than Mk LoL
  • Lets you pick your own loading screen pictures and upload them, very cool system
  • May ask you to repair / check your LoL files sometimes after use, standard precedure with every mod that swaps files
  • You have to update Skin Preview after every patch

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