The Last Stand DeadZone Multi Hack


The Last Stand DeadZone Multi Hack was released and updated on 9 june 2016 ! 

Trainer Contains: 

  • Increase Weapon Damage: It will increase the damage made by a specific Weapon. Along with your weapons , damage done by zombies is also increased which i will fix in coming updates
  • High Accuracy: Accuracy of each weapon is increased to a 100%
  • Instant Reload
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Instant Scavenge: The time taken to scavenge an object is less than a second. (scavenge usually refers to the time taken to search resources / loot in an building.)

Note: More hacks will be added in coming updates ! If any of the hacks dont work , let us know by commenting below so that we can update them asap.

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Video tutorial will be added soon


  1. Is there any way to disable consumption “fuel”, I mean, to buy things with the right amount of “fuel”, but without losing it?

    if it’s possible to add it to the next update would be great

  2. Maybe add in this trainer
    Multiple Scarvenge
    Loot Quality items
    Instant Back to the HC
    No Reload or Fast reload
    More EXP in a loot.