Last Day On Earth : Survival v1.8.5 Infinite Coins + Points + Magic Split + Instant Crafting + Resource Bypass MOD APK


Last Day On Earth : Survival Infinite Coins + Points + Instant Crafting + Resource Bypass MOD APK was released and updated on 27 May 2018. Version : 1.8.5

THERE IS NO OBB THIS VERSION. Download and install APK directly.

Modded APK Contains: 

  • Infinite Coins : Your coins will never decrease. They will increase when you spend them instead of decreasing. You can buy anything with the coins no matter how costly it might be.
  • Infinite Points : Your crafting points increase instead of decreasing when you spend them on blueprints.
  • Instant Crafting + Resource Bypass : You can building or Upgrade anything for free !!
  • Item Split / Magic Split (NOW WORKS WITH SINGLE ITEMS): Splitting something will just multiply the item that you’re splitting !

This modded apk works on both non-rooted and rooted Android smartphones. It also works on bluestacks / Nox Player / Any Other android simulator. 

Note: In Order to use your Facebook account with the mod, you will have to Uninstall/Disable your Facebook application first. However, you won’t be able to login using your google play account. If any of the modded apks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the modded apks as soon as possible! Special thanks to Sergio for helping me out with this.

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Steps to Install: (Read the content below the download button to know how to install the mod without losing your progress)

  • Uninstall any current ORIGINAL version of the game.
  • Download the apk and install it. (If you haven’t done this before then go to settings->Security->Tick “Unkown Sources”)
  • Then run the game.


Video tutorial: 

Download the modded apk and OBB from below:

(This modded apk and OBB is available in CTMT for android. Download and install CTMT for android from above first. You will be able to find this hack inside CTMT for android which you can download and install directly.)

You can also download the Modded APK From Here 

To update without losing your progress : 

  • Don’t remove the old mod apk by CT. If you have someone else’s mod then you wont be able to update without losing your progress.
  • Download the mod and install it over the old version.
  • Thats it. You will not lose your progress.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S8+
    Can’t see my health bar at the top of the screen because of a grey bar that says Last Day On Earth Survival. Hard to play if you have no idea what your HP is. Have tried all the display settings I could find with no luck. When the loading screen first come on it’s fine but about half the way through the screen shifts upwards. Any help would be grateful.

  2. ok i manage to download it but now another error comes out “Download Failed because u may not have purchase this app” it seems there is Ingame download.

  3. idk, using CTMT for android to download your mode, error comes up, “share using : no apps can not do this” how to fix it ?

  4. Any update coming for 1.7.2? They just did a hot fix on 1.7.2 loot me bug, when I try to log in the game its asking me to update when i try to update its not letting me just het a black screen, im on version 1.7.2 fyi was working perfect till they did the patch for the loot me bug 2 days ago. Any help will be much appreciated thanks.

  5. why it fail in downloading resource.
    after install the game, while waiting the game to load, it came out something like download resource 56MB. The install was not finish but it say starting game and stuck. how to fix this problem?