KingsRoad Hack was released and updated on 9 March 2017 ! 

Trainer Contains: 

  • AntiCheat Bypass : Make Sure to enable this first
  • Range Hack: Increases the range of your ranged weapons and abilities
  • Faster Attack Speed (Speed is 100 Times More): Increases the attack speed of your weapon up to 100 times
  • Direct Ranged Attacks and Abilities: Makes sure that you get a direct hit on your target.
  • Attack All Visible Enemies: Attacks all the visible enemies
  • Attack Barrels: Automatically attacks all the barrels
  • Auto Attack
  • Auto Counter: Auto counters all the enemy hits.
  • Auto Play In All Maps: DO NOT ENABLE THIS BEFORE JOINING A MAP OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE ! Your character plays automatically. Hits all the enemies, attacks all the barrels and collects all the items. IF YOU HAVE THIS FEATURE UNLOCKED THEN DONT ENABLE THIS HACK !

Enable the hack at 70-90% of loading ! Do not enable before that or else you will be stuck at a black screen 


  • Enable the auto play hack after joining the map. Join any map, refresh the game and enable the hack along with the others. DO NOT ENABLE IT IN BOSS MAPS. 
  • Make sure you move around while killing enemies in ALL THE Maps. If you don’t then you will get kicked for cheating.
  • Attack barrels, range hack and direct abilities are included in the “Auto Attack and Counter Hack”.
  • If any of the hacks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks asap !

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Video Tutorial: 


Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. new trainer isnt worth it, pre ctm trainer had move speed hack and items drop hack. the attack speed hack is the same as the pre ctm trainer (even if this one says its x100)
    only dfference is the new one has the auto counter and auto map, both of whihc are pointless tbh. overall ill stick with the pre ctm trainer. shame that the new people are stuck with the new one.

    • also can you fix faster attack speed + others its too fast and we cant see skills from mobs or even thiefs into the game + add range attack for knight

  2. . . mega trainer isnt working .. take your time to update it bro .. really appreciate your work here .. hmmm. . its would be nice for you to add a “revive in all rooms hack” . . thanks for this really helpful trainer .. u guys rock.!!

  3. The Megatrainer one doesn’t work. Have latest .Net. Latest Cheat Engine. It Crashes on Enable all. And enabling 1 by 1. Anticheat First obviously. Tried Chrome/Gameroom/ and firefox. Enabled 70-90% Before the play button. and After. Same results. Updating all the hacks in such a hasty time. i can understand, I was just reading all the comments and everyone is just Saying it’s not working.. without even explaining what the hell isn’t working. Take your time.

  4. Guys.. Can you do me a favor and read the fucking comments before commenting a problem.. I am Sure that they will reply. but it gets aggravating watching them reply to 100 of the same fucking issue because all of you, refuse to read. They will work on it. This shit takes time. Be fucking patient. Now.. I know this has been mentioned. But i could see the confusion in the way that they worded it. I know the Gold is server Sided. and i know you can’t change the %%. But like with item bonus. Can you do something like that with the Gold without fucking with the server shit. or is it 2 completely different things?
    Thanks in Advance.

  5. can u pls give me the hack for kings road only like the old one bec i use baidu browser and i was chose the baidu browser in cheat engine then I open the hack from cheat engine chrome stop in black screen and firefox keep crash thnx for all nice work

  6. The hack not working for me i have the version from 02.03.2017 , i have cheat engain 6.6 have the .net 4.5.2 installed , i load the hack on 70 – 80% and still stuck the game and block everything , can someone help me what to do , i try on Chrome and Mozila and its same on both of them , any new version link pls Thanks 🙂

  7. Bro not work now again! ;/ the same problem like yesterday 🙁 but only old version work corectly 🙁 i have all new drivers and windows 10. Pliss fix it if this is possible!

  8. Where is problem last version worked corectly !! But new verison at 02.03.17 doesn’t work, only scanning. Please wait.. I use google chrome and all addons like net. framework and ce 6.6.

  9. great hack. But its not working now on Chrome and others. Scanning for Process failure. QuickFix is not working. 🙁 Hope for an update soon with revivehack 😉

  10. Please fixe download link, when i download it saves but it wont let me open for some reason, it says container file, and i dont know how to open container file??

  11. Hi, with the last update range is not working when u keep tight the click for attacks. the player walk like when u use the richt click for not attack.


  12. its awsome. thx! all working, i hope in next update maybe add, high dmg, for ppl low power use in solo machs 🙂 thx, realy good trainer. u r best!!

      • Yes, it is working, just cannot select 3 hacks at the same time. I start with cheat by pass 75% loading, then going to speed attack and ten movement speed one after another. But still the hack is a great tool and BIG THANKS for that!

        Very usefull hacks for handling difficult events would be a) infinite health b) skill cooldown making it possible to use skills repeatedly immediately c) invincibility – I have seen it on Youtube – not sure if real – player’s character was not attacked at all, completely ignored but player could attack enemies who were completely idle. d) increased damage or attack speed so considerably that one can handle boss in master before getting killed.
        Any single one a/b/c/d would do the job just by itself 🙂

    • хром сделал обновление, где она изменила название библиотеки DLL он использует. Я буду размещать учебник о том, как исправить эту проблему.
      Вы идете в хроме: // плагины, а затем нажмите детали на правой стороне. Выполните прокрутку вниз и вы будете расположение библиотеки DLL Flash Player.
      перейти в эту папку на вашем компьютере, а затем изменить имя библиотеки DLL от того, что он является “pepflashplayer.dll”

  13. Could you guys Please fix the auto-attack? When I try to use this cheat with the “auto-Play” in-game function it lags me out. I really like this cheat and so do all my friends but we all are having this issues for some reason and need it worked out if Possible, thank you!!

  14. Very good job thanks mate, but for new players need level hack and keys hack and scrolls ….
    can you pls? waiting for an answer thanx so much

  15. .cyberwolf. . thanks for the hacks man.! .helps a lot in the game to newbies like me . . very very appreciated. . keep up the good work and looking forward for more exploits in the future . . all hacks are working aside from auto attack which failed.. but other hacks still good to go.! .. thanks man .! ur a beast. .

  16. Drag Items patched. 🙂 pleas fix Cyberwolf. tnx.
    I tried to manually farm while the drag items is on, the items wont be taken unless i click the auto play.

    PS: Can u add some resources for the Dragon Graveyard? need silver and other resources. can the values be unli-9999? (gold, silver, tokens, valor,etc?)

  17. Tried WPE pro attaches firefox flash player it won’t recording so, attach to firefox it has many buffer recording try to collect 5,000 gold in achievement. send rec in collect Crashed lo,l i don’t know how to work.. what wpe pro you use?

  18. Goodday Cyberwolf,
    I noticed that 25%+ Gold and XP are ON even if the players leave the party.
    Also the buff of dual hand blade exist even if we put on shield.
    Both done in a map not in town.
    Can u make them fix?

    PS: is the Drag Items works even if not in AUTO?
    and is the drop items rate increase posible?

    tnx cyberwolf 🙂

  19. Once I pass a face in the next I asked to update and there stopped working (auto attack) that I follow all the steps of the video and every tango hangs the game, firing but not killing ..

  20. Hey Cyberwolf, I love your releases. Especially the Castle Clash and Kingsroad ones.
    I hope you received my PayPal donation which I sent like 2-3 weeks ago. I’ll probably donate alot more in the future.

    Also I have a question, what does remote map teleport do? The only thing it does for me is open the map menu when I click on settings.

  21. Good Day Cyberwolf,
    Can u do something about the RAID?
    like defense increase?
    It’s really a pain that we spent gems and cash for gems just to gain Raid Tokens to damage the boss who kills us in less than 2 minutes. High Def may give us some time to use pots.
    Please help. Tnx.

  22. Good Day Cyberwolf,
    Tnx for the update, everythings working fine. Except for the Dragg Items, else i just dont know how to use it 🙂 Please help. tnx.

    PS: did you try adding defense? (Badly need it in RAID has 1 hit kill)

  23. Hi Bro, we need an update Please!, if u can add fast movement, or if u can modify % of gold something like that.

    ty for ur time, u do a good job.

  24. Good day CyberWolf.
    Is it possible you increase gold or item find rates and defense rate like godmode?
    Long range attack has been detected. I wish the attack rate wont be.
    Thanks again cyberwolf. I’ll gladly donate when this update is up.
    More power!

  25. sir the cheat is not attaching to google chrome. but in Firefox still working.

    the Firefox is too laggy for me. is a nice cheat though. i wish there was an armor hack if you update this.

    very much appreciated of your work.

  26. Hey ! Thanks for the update
    though the hack don’t seem to work longer in pvp.
    after 5 sec of hitting someone u get a popup, obligated to refresh.
    Though there isn’t the speed hack and stuff like this?

      • Also it seems he has another one to

        ***Additional Feature: Auto win any event/tourney maps any difficulty including (Master mode) all monster spawns instantly die.”

          • Hes set the video to private now however he put a update on august 22nd that the item spawning hack is done using WPE PRO (Winsock Packet editor) do you think you could take another look at it with that program < This is a rough reenactment the comment that I think was deleted

              • Ended up using a different packet thing as that one didn’t work in windows 7. The one I found though does not seem to let me manipulate / send them though. Anyways These are the packets I found after finishing an tournament / receiving the rewards > I think fighting out how to repeat them is the answer

                The hex information for the dragon stone packet was – 9C792200206C6F636B626F785F7265776172645F647261676F6E73746F6E655F7469657234

                I don’t really know what to do with any of that information though. So if you would be willing to look into it further or advise me on a program / what to try…

                • ell if you ask me , WPE was the best. I still got a setup lying around just gotta find it. Most of the antiviruses show it as a virus tho. There’s this software called “Wireshark” its kinda confusing and complex to use it for packet editing. WPE was made for hacking games but not sure if we could actually find anything as good as WPE. But i will give a try to that one you found. If i find something, i will post the tutorial

  27. Is there any way you could make a hack that would select a map, start it, and then hit the auto run button and repeat this action until told to stop. BTW this awsome that you guys take the time to do this.

    • Well that would be the developers part. Hacks are done by manipulating the already coded logic of the game. If that feature (of autowalk) is not present inside the game then it cannot be added inside the hacks

  28. Hi, i was using the program, but now we have a nre version of KR 5.7, and Faster Moevement is not working. can u check it plz!

  29. sorry for my bed english CyberWolf but i’m italian, I’m trying to use this hack on google chrome, this due to firefox too slow for video games, when 50-80% of loading the game launch I try to activate the first “AntiBan” hack should interrupt loading the correct page ? as it was in previous versions! but I always have the same problem, loading it stops, so do not believe all lee hacks available are activated me, attack speed I think is not working

  30. This hack is useless and auto attack not working. Sorry! Please do a hack with an “antiban + more damage + range + attack speed”. faster movement is useless. The cheat i just enable in your hack is range. Thanks!

  31. I have the same problem I had with previous versions! that is, launch the game and the hack loading I hit the first of the list but does not block the caricamnto and in doing so do not think you are engaging all the hacks … no? how do I fix? ah I’m using chrome! firefox it is too slow to play

  32. Yeah, i enable the hack before to see the “play” but :

    “Faster Movement” and “High Attack Speed” doesn’t work. They are “Enabled” but not work.

    I have try with “Mozilla Firefox”, “Google Chrome”

    Can you try by yourself to say me if it’s ok for you ? Thanks again for your hack.

  33. Hello, “Faster Movement” and “High Attack Speed” don’t work. But “Range Attack” and “Auto Attack” ok when i click on a monster.

    When i must enabler hack ? For the First Loading ? For the Second Loading ( After have choose server ) or for the Loading Mission ?

    I try for the first loading when the loading are at more 50 %. Thank you

  34. I ask me what hack work ^^. Can you try by yourself please ? Thanks again. Auto Attack dosn’t work but ranged attak yeah

  35. Hi, the “Faster Movement” doesn’t work. He’s always Failed. I tried with firefox and Google Chrome. can you fix it ? Thanks a lot for this.