Insanity hack was released and updated on 23 August 2016 ! 

Trainer contains: 

  • High Damage / One Hit Kill : You can kill ppl in one hit. Make sure to make the first hit

Enable the hack while the game is at 90-100% loading

Note : This hack was tested in both pve and pvp. It works in both pve / pvp / boss fights. If any of the hacks are not working let us know by commenting below. New Hacks will be added by the next update.

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Video Tutorial will be added on request


      • just tried with my acount, wich i already unlocked the other 4 boses and it does not work and tried with another acount and it also does not work, i guess its either really randomly or those ppl not noticed that it was because of pandora box

  1. i already tried changing the coins & bucks with cheat engine, they work, but the time you reload, it changed to normal, but you can hack the level tho :D, tried it playing the grim reaper level, (min: lvl 130) works :D, well i hope you can find other way to do these stuffs.

      • dont do it, it will be just a waste of time, crystals are definely server sided and even if its a boster hack, some one can just record the interval of when you use boster and get you banned,since bosters have timer to be activated you cant activate them in continued,also you cant use them all at the same time, even if you just do a movement speed hack or damage increase, some one can easly tell, the only way to increase the damage and increase speed is by upgrading and every one can see if you have something upgraded since the gun and hull changes

  2. nice hack, hope you succed on macking bucks hack, this is like the last one, but without chat, wich makes me feel more lonely xd