Friday, April 28, 2017

Clash of Clans Level 99 ACCOUNT GIVEAWAY

On Registering you will enroll your Name for the giveaway which will end on Saturday Night which is 1st of October 2016, 11PM IST.  If you win you will get one 99 Level Account with maxed out buildings , maxed out units, over 250+ Trained troops and fully customized Base. Here's the screenshot of them accounts which we will be giving away : 14454474_1588054578165627_1222824417_n 14454479_1588054648165620_624491647_n 14463734_1588054708165614_307540945_n 14483415_1588054628165622_1856536780_n 14483600_1588054658165619_491328934_n

Special Thanks to Dave Pertwee (Member Of Cyber Team) for giving away his account.

Make Sure to enter an valid email because if you win , the account details will be Emailed to you within an hour after the giveaway has ended.

If you want us to continue doing these giveaways, please donate us 

Giveaway Ends: October 1, 2016
Number Available: 1
Max Entries Per Day: 1

Enter to Win!