FashLand – Dress Up for Fashion Coins + Exp + Gems Hack was released and updated on 23 March 2017

Trainer Contains : 

  • Earn 2 Million Coins + Exp on Delivery : You will earn around 2 million coins + exp on delivering a product. That means, after adding it on bench and after the timer finishes.
  • Earn Gems instead of coins : You will earn gems / rubies / diamonds instead of coins. (This does not work with the above hack but you will get gems on delivering a product.)

Enable the hacks while the game is still loading. Maintain the amount of gems less than 500 to avoid ban. (Do enable coins hack with gems hack)

Note:  If any of the hacks dont work , let us know by commenting below so that we can update them as soon as possible.

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Video tutorial :

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. I have downloaded the CTMT. But, a pop up always appear and its seems like i cant use it when I clicked the section like Hacks and MOD APKs . :’ (
    I cant use the Hack section. First, it will pop up a box with sentences;- “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

    Could not load type ‘System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncVoidMethodBuilder’ from assembly ‘mscorlib. Version = Culture=neutral PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’.

    Then, I clicked the continue button, still the Hacks’s section did not appear. :'(
    Same things happen to MOD APKs. And the other section like Home, Updates, About and CT Tools, its still appear although there’s always the pop up and I clicked the Continue.

  2. i just started playing fashland ang the hack works perfect…im being carefull..trying not to get banned…so im keeping my gems lower …thank you again

  3. The Fashland hack is not working for me. I opened the hack, clicked google chrome and enabled the hack while it was loading like always but t wouldn’t work. I displayed a 1 minute casual shirt and sped it up with 1 diamond and when I clicked on it I did not get any diamonds.

  4. if you don’t want to get banned you have to get less than 300 diamonds, choose deliver products of 1 or 2 minutes done. get diamonds slowly, choose the cheaper products to deliver, do not clean any product that got dirty BEFORE using the hack. also, don’t complete too much missions with your cheat diamonds and do not pass too much levels in a row.n don’t unlock too much product at once. USE WITH RESPONSABILITY DON`T GET CRAZY!

  5. Is it possible to hack older seasonal items like from the quests and mini games (Bingo, Slots)? I never got to finish most and there’s some that I really like but started playing after the quest was over.

  6. I get banned for fashland , please help me , iam so sad after i followed your instructions and i was wrong i didn;t know why i got so many diamonds maybe after clicking something , i reached level or what , i am so sad please help me …

  7. Hi CyberWolf, I was just banned and I’ll explain why. I think you made a big mistake, the Cheat Enginee is converting the profits from the promotional stands into gems, maybe you did not notice it because I remember you did not have any. With what I have taken care of this account and now I am banned. I hope you can give me an explanation, I took great care of this account so that it was not banned … and now for a mistake of yours I am. I do not want more people to be banned for this kind of mistakes and please post this.

    • Hello there carly, I just checked my account with over 5 Mill coins at 500 level. I was not banned. The reason : bcz i dont have a lot of gems in my account. The amount of gems i have are less than 500. The mistake was made by you. It was either the amount of diamonds you had or someone tipped off the developers about your account.

  8. Hello, I want to download the program, but I can not find the .exe, I asked to join the group, but nobody accepts me yet, where do I get the program?

  9. Oi, tudo bem? Eu baixei o hack e ele funciona muito bem, porém, ainda não utilizei em minha conta principal (nível 78), pois temo que essa seja banida. Supondo que eu adquira alguns itens usando diamantes hackeados, mesmo que só 59 (é o mínimo possível) e, ao entrar em um Fashcup eu fique entre os vencedores do top 10 global, ao creditar a mim os diamantes correspondentes a minha posição eles não descobririam que eu utilizei o hack para adquirir esses itens? Obrigada desde já!

    • Eu recomendo que você use o hack em uma conta falsa primeiro. Eles não vão proibi-lo se você não saltar níveis. Eles também monitoram quanto diamantes você tem. SO eu recomendaria que você testar em uma conta falsa antes de usá-lo em seu principal

      • Well, as I said before, I didn’t used the hack in my facebook, but in a account that I created only to make some tests about the hack and everything is working pretty well, however my concern is about my participation in the Fashcups, wouldn’t my items owned by using the hack call attention of the people who rule the game? For examble, if I be in the global top 10 and win diamonds won’t they realize that I cheated when look at the items I got from the hack? Will they look into my diamonds purchase history?

        P.S. I am using english because I don’t know if you understand portuguese very well. Thank you in advance!

        • Other players wouldnt know that you are using a hack. But if you are overusing it and if you get reported anyway by 2 or more players then they will check your purchase history.
          PS: i dont speak Portuguese at all. I was using google translate

          • Ok, I actually didn’t mean to use diamonds for buying items to my shop, I just want to use them to buy stuff to my doll. Thank you so much for helping me, I was really afraid about getting banned and now I am fine. That’s it! Thank you again and congratulations for the amazing work you do! 😀

  10. hi cyberwolf your program dosnt works. did the whole procedure it got connected … and i enabled all when it was finished… i plaed an order at game did instant dilivery and i didnt got extra gems… i just got money and xp for it.
    its a new account i hav completed the starting demo…. then i used your programe didnt worked. any advice ?

  11. Hello, I have question. I used the gem hack (150 diamonds) and when i refreshed the game, it didn’t save. It went back to 0. I used the hack multiple times in my other 2 accounts (over 320,000 gems) and it saved but not in my new game account. Do you know why this is happening?

    • u need to give it a lil time to save. Make some moves like changing the decorations or something similar. DO not refresh as soon as u get the gems. Also, if you say its a new account maybe you should consider completing the tutorial first

      • Thanks! I have another question by the way. Can the developers see my purchase history if they have my ID? They have my game ID since I reported a glitch in the game and the developers took all my diamonds but didn’t ban me. They told me if I get caught hacking again then they will ban me. They also said they will be checking my game every now and then to see if I still hack. Anyways, so lets say I buy a new decoration that cost diamonds. Can the developers go in my purchase history to see if I bought diamonds and ban me?

  12. Dear Cyberwolf, something very strange happened to me today. I came to my computer to use Fashland and I was really surprised when I found it banned. I haven´t used the hack in 2 or 3 days, always not reaching 1000, I think in the account were 200 diamonds or less…the account was disabled while I was sleeping. Still survive when they gave me my mornings results because from other account I’m on the top of neighbors and country. A brazilian friend told me that they are tracing me, but my others accounts survived so that was not the reason. The only reason I found together with a friend is s that someone denounced my account in front of Gamegos with a simple picture of my store, was very luxurious I admit. Or maybe something has changed in security. I wish I knew what happened. Thank you very much

    • there are 2 possibilities for your account getting banned, 1- someone might have reported it and 2 – they manually check the account transactions.
      I dont think they did an update. Imagine, they checking out your account and finding out that you have 200 diamonds in it, then checking your account to see if you ever bought any diamonds using real money. Maybe this is how it got banned 🙂

      • Qual o limite de diamantes ,moedas,chaves e corações que podem ser colocados no Fashland? fiz 3 vezes o hacker e expandi tudo e fiz uma decoração bacana,recarreguei a página e carregou normal,mais quando recarreguei novamente apareceu que fui BANIDO..Podem me explicar
        por favor?

        • Manter o número de moedas de menos de 1.000.000
          Não salte do nível 1 para o nível 30 em um dia, porque isso é impossível e é assim que eles capturam cheaters.
          Não exceder 1000 diamantes

  13. hello. your program does not work.
    Attached the PiD: scanning process, please wait
    that’s all. no one button does not active.
    can you help me?

    • Im sorry to hear you have got banned.. Unfortunately there not an Unbanning Tool to make the only way to get unbanned is only by the developers… Just next time remember that theres always a risks you take when it come on hacking a game…To help prevent getting banned next time dont over do it….

  14. Thanks so much this is amazing! If you get to messing with this one again could you hack the dressing rooms so that we can get more stars to level up. Thanks again love this hack works great!

  15. Can you make an option that I can have the seasonal items that I’ve missed. Also for Limited items. I wish that it will be made soon. Please make a cheat for Dragon City

  16. I used this hack well and I was banned. I enjoyed it very much though. It’s sad that I cannot access my game again. Will try with my other account. Hopefully, I won’t get caught. Will try 500gems and below since the 1000 didn’t quite work for me. What is the maximum number of coins that I should have?

    • if you use the gem hack , then use all the gems completely. Like that, they wont know that yu did the gem hack ! And yeah , keep it below 500 now and let me know. Max num of coins, umm that’d depend on your level like if you are level 10 and have 50million coins then that’s def a red flag
      go slow, use the hacks when required

  17. Can you add more options to select in this hack like increasing the number of tiaras
    Or make another program for old seasonal items and limited edition

  18. Hi, I use the hack and it worked , now you started to spend gems to move and buy decoration missions , I shall prohibit access ? Thank you

  19. I used this on my 2nd account at least 4 times and never got banned but used it on my 2nd account only once and got banned instantly.

  20. Thanks its working, but when i got banned because maybe i drop too many diamonds, but its oke.. just hope you can make better for anti-ban~

  21. I’ve made 2 accounts, now I just logged in each of them and it gives me this messege “Oops! Looks like we’re having aproblem with the game. Can you please try again?”

    I tried different browsers each time (Even Facebook Games Arcade (BETA)) and still the same error in all of my accounts.. Does this mean an undergoing maintenance of an update or does this means they’ve blocked me entirely?!

    Note that even the accounts I didn’t use the cheat with having the same problem, I’m just freaked out tbh.

  22. I think they have updated the game. I didn’t overuse the hack and carefully using the instruction but still got banned. 🙁

  23. It’s 08-06-2016, fashland made a new update today.

    As I activated the Anti-Ban option it said “Failed”, however I thought it’s just an error and got banned. =)

    I hope in the meantime you’re going to update the hack, you’re the best!