FashLand – Dress Up for Fashion Coins + Exp + Gems Hack


FashLand – Dress Up for Fashion Coins + Exp + Gems Hack was released and updated on 4 May 2018

Trainer Contains : 

  • Earn 2 Million Coins + Exp on Delivery : You will earn around 2 million coins + exp on delivering a product. That means, after adding it on bench and after the timer finishes.
  • Earn Gems instead of coins : You will earn gems / rubies / diamonds instead of coins. (This does not work with the above hack but you will get gems on delivering a product.)

Enable the hacks while the game is still loading. Maintain the amount of gems less than 500 to avoid ban. (Do enable coins hack with gems hack)

Note:  If any of the hacks dont work , let us know by commenting below so that we can update them as soon as possible.

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Video tutorial :

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. Hi When getting coins, is there a limit to get coins? Gems is max 500. How about in coins? And how many times can i use this? is there a limit of using it? Can i use it everyday or every other day or once a week? Combine Gems and coins…. Can i only use either coins or Gems? Thank you so much !!!! It’s such a great help. Thank you

  2. i wanna ask, for example… if i use the XP hack when i’m at level 50 then it will be like level around 200 (maybe) so when i do that there’s clothes that still locked because i didn’t reach spesific level.. for example “jeans” will unlock at level 151, but i didn’t reach that 151 level because i do the task, but because i use the hack. and the situation is i’m at level around 200. so how to unlock the clothes? because it says unlock with quest???

  3. Hi Cyberwolf, I have a strange question.
    If someone has hacked fashland (less than 500 diamonds, lets say they have 32 diamonds) and the developers check their purchase history, and see that they haven’t made any diamond purchases, can they get banned?
    I ask this because when a player wins a global in the game, they add diamonds to their account and the developers can see the inside of their boutique/shop. If they notice someone has 32 or even 100 diamonds, they could check the player’s purchase history (I believe, I’m not quite sure), then ban the player. Right??

    • If they check the purchase history then yes, you will get banned. Thats why i suggest you try to use the hack on a secondary account first. If you win the global event and you dint get banned then its safe. and they dont check the purchase history

  4. Hi Cyber, Again me, I tried 4 times de diamonds, but even with clothes that supposed to deliver 150 diamonds is delivering thousands..Could you pls check it again? (not of my accounts were banned because I close the window very fast). Thank you again