Farmville 2 CASH HACK


Farmville 2 Cash hack / farm bucks hack was updated , released and tested on 28 Oct 2017! (Gameroom and Chrome Support fixed) GAME LINK

Trainer Contains : 

  • Cash Hack / farmbucks hack : Enable this while the game is still loading and buy “DecoLok Square” for 1 cash . You will see your cash multiply with each buy. You can buy anything using this hacked cash. You can now do everything with cash hack ! 

Steps to use the trainer : 

  • Start the trainer and select the browser you are using
  • Refresh your game and activate the hack when the game is still loading.
  • Go to the store and buy a “decoLok Square” and place it anywhere. You will see your cash multiply. (You wont lose real cash)

This is what you can do with this :-

  • Buy all the Items from Store
  • Hire people
  • And Pretty much do everything that you use cash on
  • You can Skip Quests
  • You can buy items for crafting building and remove obstruction

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Video Tutorial – CLICK HERE

Note: The cash added will be 10,000. I cannot post any pictures or videos of the hack. If i do Zynga will send me a DMCA takedown notice so please ask anything you like in the comments ! If any of the hacks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update them asap !

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. Hi $$Cyberwolf$$ Crew , Can you please continue the Farmville two Cash hack, pretty please with a cherry on top? 🙂 I have been using it daily for the past 2 years, thank you so very much for all you do. Thank You!

  2. It had been working for me earlier now I can’t get it to work. It says hack enabled but when I try to purchase something above the amount of cash I have th3e game wants me to buy cash. Could you please check to see if this is still working? Thanks.