Q – What is Cyber Terminators MEGA Trainer For ?
A- Cyber Terminators MEGA Trainer or CTMT is One tool that contains all the hacks that we (the CT Team)  makes. With CTMT, You dont not need to download different trainers for different games. Moreover, In upcoming updates we’ll be adding aimbots, a custom FUD DLL injector and multilingual support for CTMT. Our whole goal is to make hacking games as easier as we can.

Q- What are the requirements for CTMT ?
A- You will need to have .Net Framework 4.5.2 .

Q- How to use Cyber Terminators MEGA Trainer ?
A- Video tutorial will be uploaded soon. Until then read this 

Q- It gives me a big error when i select a hack ? 
A- Make sure you have .Net Framework 4.5.2  installed !

Q- Why does my antivirus detect CTMT as a virus ?
A- Because (in short words) CTMT uses server calls to create the hack trainers. Though not all antiviruses detect CTMT as a virus but there are few.

Q- Why does It give an error when i try to extract the application from the zip folder ?
A- Its probably your antivirus. Few antiviruses detect CTMT as a virus because it downloads the code from our servers in-order to create the hack.
To overcome this issue, You can either disable your Antivirus or let it run through it.

Q- I disabled my Antivirus but i still shows “Critical Error” when i start the application ?
A- It again might be your antivirus. It does not allow the program to use the internet. For this, you will have to allow CTMT through your antivirus’s firewall or disable it completely or add CTMT in it’s whitelist.

Q- It says “Critical Error” Whenever I try to load a hack ?
A- If you are using any proxies / VPNs then disable them and try again. They can block CTMT from loading the trainers. Also make sure that CTMT is not being blocked by your Anti-virus.

Q- Why do I get an update screen when i open up the application ?
A- That’s because there’s a new version of the CTMT available. You can delete the current version and download latest version from cyberterminators.co

Q- How will i know that there’s an update ?
A- The application will show an update screen as soon as you start it.

Q- How do i report failed hacks ? 
A- You can comment on the hack’s post or facebook page

Q- How will i know that a hack is updated ?
A- When you select a game and start the hack, the date of the hack on the top right side will change. The hacks gets updated automatically.

Q- Do i have to re-download CTMT if a hack is updated ? 
A- No, You don’t have to re-download CTMT if a hack is updated. CTMT updates the hack automatically for you.

Q- What does CTMT stand for ?
A- It stands for Cyber Terminators MEGA Trainer

Q- How do i request hacks ?
A- You can request them over on our discord channel.


  1. O Hack funciona, mas não conecta com a minha conta do Facebook. Eu segui todos os passos, mas nunca consigo. Ao tentar conectar sempre dá erro. Por favor me ajudem. Sou fã do Cyberterminators faz tempo. Agora não consigo usar com sucesso o CMTT para Android. Me refiro ao FASHCUP DUELO DE MODA MODO APK. AGUARDO RESPOSTA. OBRIGADO

  2. @$$CyberWolf$$

    Why are you not answering my posts or at least letting them become visible for others to read?

    I posted at the following link and it was ignored?
    I figured this one out and wanted to let you and everyone know how to play 8 ball pool whilst using ublock origin along with your mega trainer and keep everything working.

    Also there is no option to attach a screenshot.


    I also posted here and it was ignored?


    I am a real person not a bot and as you can see I watch these posts when I comment for replies.
    I am a person who likes to help and be helped.
    I will be watching this post for a reply also!

    • We have a spam bot which deals with spam and its possible it might have considered your comment as spam. PS thanks for letting know. If you could make a video about it, i will link it here 🙂
      You can upload the image somewhere and post the link here

  3. Hello and thank you for your great work.

    Since few days ago, CTMT isn’t working anymore to hack 100 moves in Bubble Coco. I’ve tried to allow the application through it’s firewalls, I created inbound and outbound rules (with both and versions) and still nothing.

    I also tried Charles hack and managed to get 127 lives but, with 100 moves as it was before with CTMT, is far more interesting.

    Can you help me please to re-enable 100 moves in Bubble Coco?

    Thank you!