Dungeon Crusher One Hit Kill Hacked DLL


Dungeon Crusher Hack was released and updated on 16 November 2018.

(This game is available on Facebook Gameroom)

Hacked / Modified DLL Contains:

  • One Hit Kill
  • Clicker Bot Detection Bypassed

Steps (Or Read the Read Me File Inside the zip file):

  • Download the hacked DLL from below.
  • Start your game. After it loads, start your Task Manager.
  • Look for “dungeoncrusher.exe” process. Right click on right, click on “Open file location”.
  • After doing the above step, it will open a window with few folders in it.
  • Go to cdungeoncrusher_Data>Managed
  • Copy and replace the downloaded file in the above folder.

Note: If any of the hacks are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks as soon as possible!

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Video tutorial (Will be updated soon):

Download the hack from below: 


  1. i’m stuck at level 390, my game is disconnecting and i can’t do anything, btw doesn’t work on siege bosses too. Update pls.
    Thank you 😀

  2. Hi ! Yesterday i wasnt able to run Dungeon Crushers anymore ! Today yes but i am not sure if they updated the game or they patched the dlll ….bcz each time i try to replace it crush the exe ! Can you plz check it ! PS / Early before in 4-5 days dlll has stoped working on Siege only!And plz more fcb gameroom or browser rpg game hack ! 🙂

  3. hello thank you for your hack but unfortunately i cant run anymore this game on facebook gameroom ! Perhaps is there a way to use in facebook with CE or DLL !? :

  4. Game is updated today 22 .10 .2018 EU time zone ! And about last dll hack i noticed for sure 100% that damage we do without hacked dll and hacked dll its exactly +100 lvl !!! thats mean stats is linked with original stats of main char ! 🙂

  5. Hello ! When i am stucked in 3or 4 days growing in strength somehow i surpas a few lvl till i get stuck again !!! Perhaps thins info may help you to understand better !!? Seeems even with hacked dll i cant surpass lvl till my original stats become stronger!! 🙂

      • Yes i saved original dll for any case so i avoid to unistall the game ! Then i replace it after i turn of auto-advance ! normally it get stuck in boss maps marqued with krown !So i use hacked dll just to do daily but i cant advance !with some luck but i dont thing is luck is something else like stats i guess i try to advance sometimes i suced sometimes not!i am now on lvl 404and in lvl 405 is the boss ! 🙂