Dungeon Blitz Multi Hack was released and updated on 12 August 2017 ! 

Trainer Contains : 

  • Unlimited Health Hack: Your character never loses any health. It might appear that monsters dont lose health too but they actually do. You will never die but they will.

Enable the hacks before pressing the “Enter the game” button

Note: I tried hacking idols and other currencies but its all server sided and cannot be hacked. The damage hack will kick you from the server so i did not add it. Special thanks to my friend Muhib in helping me find the health hack. If any of the hacks dont work , let us  know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks as soon as possible ! 

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Video Tutorial:

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. this hack would be so damn cool.BUT there is a but(as always).and this but is that unfortunately you can’t use this tool to grind or to earn some gold and other stuff because when you are trying to kill a higher mob or boss ,actually you can’t do it because there is a bug.It’d be nice to have this bug FIXED.Oh and BTW GUYS!YOU CAN USE THE OLD DAMAGE HACK WITHOUT GETTING KICKED BY THE GAME!! just use Maxthon that’s all. peace 🙂

  2. Hmmm….only the damage hack was good. The unlimited life hack is not worth shit. I am gonna just uninstall it from my pc. If you just did long range attacks then you would not be kicked from the server. If you just used it by doing long range attacks it worked perfectly fine! I was using it when the wretched update came…

  3. umm i need help i still have hacks cause i kept it… but this hack works on my windows 8.1 perfectly but not on my windows 10 cause it loads too much can u help me if u can then pls tell me okei…. thanks you very much

  4. I love you Guys you helped me alot with your Mega hacks, i Trust you from my heart and i realy wish you luck <3 but Dungeon blitz Damage Hack is very strong that the game can't support, Every time you kill someone the game get crached for the hight Damage, if you fix it i'd be very Thankful 🙂 Tnx <3 <3 <3

  5. Um the new hack’s damage is too high so i always got kicked out of the game..
    Only shadow legion is okay to use
    The projectiles damage is back to normal tho That’s good
    please tone down the damage dealt a lil bit and this hack would be awesome 😀

  6. Umm i have a problem, when ever i try to donload the mega trainer it tells me to install something like net or something and when its donloading the second part takes toooo long and i just cant wait dat long could u fix it or is it something u canot do other wise its ok ty <3 But pls fix it if u can

  7. Hi! the hack is working thanks but one problem it increases my damage and also my enemy damage especially bats and projectile units . please fix this and thanks for the Hack.

  8. que mierda pongan en link directo del hack por la otra mierda no puedo encontrar como descargalo en su pagina de facebook

  9. 1.the hack does work now (damage hack fixed)
    2.its too much damage that’s actually kicking me (dungeon blitz actually has a anti cheat that can only detect like 99999 but also the old hack is good)
    3.i just want to damage hack and not die in one hit

  10. hi!1st of all i want to say that you made a really good job and all of my respect is yours! it is working great ,but there is a little error .. ranged type monsters can kill us with 1 shot and it’s really annoying. it will be perfect if you will fix and update the tool . you’re the best

  11. hey u can solve the problem if u play in chrome i do,i select google chrome and press select procces
    now change to internet explores and select procces and enable hacks,if dont work change,when is in internet explorer change to chrome and enable hacks,dont press select procces

  12. hello again we are in dec now do you can to try doing it now im very agog to do it but don’t forgot the anti ban ( i remember the hack : charms be *10 + gold find be mammoth find + a spead hack to get all thing in one sec ) thanks again

  13. muy bueno, lastima que los duendes,magos y ojos hacen mas o menos el mismo daño que el personaje, y otra cosa mala que vi es que al activar el hack, todo bien, pero después de un cierto tiempo, el juego se crashea. Me gustarai que arreglen eso, o capas que es mi internet, pero no importa, gracias.

  14. any update for the hack MD
    the hack is still working but there are some staff can be hackpablle i hack it and i have proof
    but i dont know how to make a trainer could you pls make an update and test you r skill again in this game
    but first take care about your exames complete them and give it a try
    thx in advance
    sorry for my bad english
    one last thing the hack dammage is not more useful whene you get higher in your level could you pls fix
    you will not notice that because aunce you hack a game you dont play it
    i hope that after hacking the game you test the effect of the hack on the game
    thank you for your time

  15. Hey,$$CyberWolf$$

    Apologize what I nerve but I wanted to ask now when finally dungeon flash an update gets with the named problem. I always look eagerly whether it is there but in vain. Would be cool if it today or tomorrow times appears only this one thing
    Thank you for your work and what you offer it free and good work on the $$ CyberTerminator $$ Team 🙂

  16. hello sayber
    did you can to add some hack ?
    …if you can please make che charms of exp no add only 84 but add 840
    please add if you can
    thanks you <3

  17. Hey $$CyberWolf$$

    There is a problem with flying monsters and wizards and goblins when they shoot I am equal with a blow tod, so they have a very high force I do not know whether it is a mistake of you of update but if so please fix it that would be cool Thank you 🙂

    Otherwise this hack is very good only this thing is then it is perfect

  18. When do i enable the hack?

    Is it
    1) Immediately after I click the enter game button
    2) When the loading screen appears (the one with the big dragon)

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  19. Plss add Key Hack… Leave me a reply if u cant do that,i will not be angry,but plss leave a reply when u see this.thank you… Key Hack plss

        • did you can to add hack gear find and gold find ?
          you can add a hack make the pet and the charms can to get in 1 sec ?
          you can to make carms 10% add 100% ?
          you can make charms exp add 1000 no 86 ?
          you can make charms attack add 1000 no 84?
          you can make charms deffens add 1000 no 28?
          you can make charms critical bonus and chance add 100 % no 5 % ?
          did you can to make hack linfini gold ?
          did you can to add all that hack ?

  20. pleasee Cyber could you look for Mamooth hack pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that’s all i want Mamooth hack pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pleasee try to make it and thank you for you’re work

  21. Hi CyberWolf I’m a big fan of you , Can you make other hacks please in DB it is one of my best games .
    and also I want an antiban because they always ban me , I got banned 2 times .
    And I want a gold hack like increasing the amount of drop .
    That’ll be good

  22. hi cyber …
    i want add three hack in that hack …
    hack when you kill monsters they give you mamoth idols instead of gold and an anti-ban so i can play without getting banned and another hack will make all monser what i kill i get a gear and another hack is the hack of mana whene you can do skill no stop .
    please man add that hack your hack will be very good and many one do it if you add what i tell you add it
    please man.thanks you 🙂

  23. uhmm cyber wolf or something (i dont known who is creator)can you fix the increase ability rank to 10, the mana- thing thats only i want too

  24. sayber … whene you will give me and all ho have speak with you hack mammoth and gear and if you can other hack hack gold

      • if you can’t do thes three hack tell that i didin’t do any think and that is your hack you can add any think and do any think … sory but i have speak with you with many name
        and karim
        all that name is for me and i say to you if you can’t tell me i can’t do that hack
        please man if you can do do it if you can’t tell i can’t do it please please please

  25. hello cyber can you make a hack of dungeon blitz so when you kill monsters they give you mamoth idols instead of gold and an anti-ban so i can play without getting banned please

  26. i guis … that hack is very good i like it very mush … can you do to me an other hack in pool live tour whene you get in linfini gold and coin and a long line ? please guis

  27. please update damage hack, because the enemy damage hack too i hit kill the range enemy and other melee enemies too

  28. Just feedback Sirr.. if damage too high.. then server will be lost connection, can u reduce for damage hack, might be 50%-60% from currently damage hacked.

    *now if I want this hack usefull, I should to take low equip.

    thx U