How to disable WiFi for others

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to kill someone’s WiFi connection if they’re connected inside the same network as yours using an Android Smartphone. We’ll be using this cool android app called as “WiFiKill” to kill someone’s connections.



1- Download and install WiFiKIll Pro from the link provided above.

2- Start the application and show look something like that :


3- Choose the Address of the person you want to disable the wifi for , and then hit “Grab” followed by “Kill“.

MAC Address is useful only if you are planning to shut someone in particular out. If you see your motherboard’s name then that’s your computer.

WiFiKill doesn’t  show your own Phone’s address.


  • Grabbing traffic, showing websites visited by grabbed device
  • Showing bytes transferred by “grabbed device”
  • Showing network names (NetBIOS names) of devices
  • Tablet friendly!


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