Cyber Terminators MEGA Trainer (CTMT) was released and updated on 18th March 2017.


  • .Net Framework 4.5.2 – Click Here To Download
  • Cheat Engine 6.6
  • Works only in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (both 32 and 64)

Features of CTMT:

  • 200+ legit Hacks for online browser based games in just one tool. (Hacks for Offline games soon to be added )
  • Real-time updates of the hacks.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly GUI.
  • New hacks every 3-4 days.
  • New Features added every month.
  • CT- Tools. A set of tools that will help you while hacking a game. (More to be added in future)

CTMT contains 200+ legit hacks with real-time updates for hacks. All the hacks we made and all the hacks to come. No Downloads or nothing. Easy to use and a great tool Developed by Cyber Terminators which is available for FREE !

Home Screen – Contains the details about the CTMT along with the links to request hacks, report failed hacks and report problems / bugs
Hacks Screen – Contains All the hacks made by us. Select any hack then click select to load the trainer. Links to the tutorials and games are shown on the right side.
Updates Screen – Contains info about the hacks that were updated. You will need to update the application every 3-4 days. New Hacks and features will be released every 3-4 days. There will be no update until a week after the official release.
About Screen – Contains the details about the CT Team.
CT-TOOLS Screen – Contains all the tools created by Cyber Terminators which will help you in hacking.
Official Section- Contains the links to the official Cyber Terminators’ group, Facebook page, discord, YouTube channel and Website.

Few Important pointers to keep in mind before using CTMT :

  • Few Antiviruses may detect it as a virus because it obtains the codes directly from our servers and also because its a debugger / injector. If this happens then you will have to either turn off your AV or allow the application through it’s firewalls.
  • Make sure you have cheat engine 6.6 installed.
  • The trainer takes around 10-20 seconds to connect to chrome. The more tabs you have open, the more time it takes to connect. The more extensions / plugins you have, the more time it takes to connect.
  • You will have to re-download this application on every update.

Cyber Terminators has been providing legit hacks since almost 2 years. If you don’t trust us then please don’t download this application.

Screenshots of CTMT :


New Hacks will be added every 3-4 days. The hacks are updated as soon as you guys report them as failed. Soon to come features include multilingual interface, aimbots along with custom CT Injector and other tools. One day will come when you wont need any extra tools to hack games.

Video tutorial of CTMT:


Whats new in CTMT Version 1.3 ?

  • Fixed the Update section. You will be able to directly download the updates from next update.
  • Added New Hacks and Updated Few Hacks
  • CTMT will now close all the CE instances running during the exit.
  • Fixed a few Bugs and Added a new layer of Security.
  • CT Tools ! The first ever CT tool called as CT Process Hacker was included in this version. Using CT Process hacker you pause / resume any process you like. This can be used to pause processes while enabling hacks using cheat engine or injecting a dll.

Download the CTMT for free from below :

If you have any questions or problems related to CTMT then you can read the FAQ page by clicking here. If you are not able to find the solution for your issue in the FAQ page then you can contact us on our discord server or Facebook Group.

So apparently, my host thinks that i am hosting a virus. So, i had to remove the MEGA Trainer files off their servers. But no worries, you can contact us on our Facebook group, Facebook page, Discord or Youtube  for the MEGA Trainer.

Facebook / Discord.

(You will have to ask for it. Click here for virus scan report)


  1. When i try hack Ninja Saga say: ERROR: Please make sure you has CE 6.6 and Framework 4.5 installed… i have cheat engiene 6.6 and Net framework installed..

  2. Can the hacks be downloaded because am getting error anything I tried open I get an error on any hacks not sure everything was fine until I updated the to the most recent version

  3. Is it possible to add a resources bypass (or a way to refill them with the click of a button) for Battle Pirates in a future update?

  4. critical error! application will now the remote name could not be resolve: ‘ at system.
    what is this? i cant use the hack. when select it the Critical error appeard

  5. Please Add Maxon in Unity games because fiefox has stopped unity.Unity is not working anymore. As hack of contract wars.Please add Maxon browser. I cant select it.


  6. Please Add Maxon in Unity games because fiefox has stopped unity.Unity is not working anymore. As hack of contract wars.Please add Maxon browser. I cant select it.


  7. I have click to yes to update now..i click yes ok.. but when i click ctmt again it want update again and again. why?

  8. Hello!! I wanted to hack my 8 ball pool long line from here: . but it says that for some reason you are not putting the hack links here, but I can contact u on facebook and other things. And so I did, I went to your fb group and requested to join but its been days and my request isnt accepted yet. Can someone help me get the link for the long line cue hack for 8 ball pool please!!! Thank!

  9. IS auto-restock hack possible for marketland?
    I mean that when my stock gets finished,i just need to enable that hack and it will fill up my stock. I’m fed up of restoring my stock with product cards/quick delivery cards lol.

  10. The discord link is expired for me and i do not know why. Could you make another or check if i am banned for some reason. Discord: Daddy Cream#7688

  11. if someone ever plays the game “soul crash” please tell me why its not available on facebook or gameroom i mean its there but its not opening just giving a blank page after clicking the option to play ???

  12. I love this idea Wolf, as a thanks for your service i have ties in serveal groups with 1000s of players who dont know about this.. so i shall send em the DL and the info so they can get this version and have info to get the next set and what it does. expect to get slammed with 1000s more users enjoy 🙂 cheers Wolf, booze is on me 😛

  13. I play farmville 2 and i can’t get it to work, it will say enabled but every time I want to buy something I have to buy farm bucks. The old one doesn’t work either the both say enabled but still it wont work anymore. What am I doing wrong

  14. MD if you can make a lot of hack like online games or games offline by making generator resource although I have to spend quite a lot

  15. I have an error activating a game
    Trainer Failed To Load. Please click Yes when it pops up to run traner or Please Change your Control Settings.
    I have Cheat Engine 6.6 instaled and Used the previous version of the trainer without problems.

    Help !

  16. I’ve got a problem with the MegaTrainer when I start it I’m asked to update the trainer I’ve been looking for all and have no update link b.z.w No link Found

  17. Hi Bro i went to download the CTMC but i cant find download button .and about trust this websit and the trainer i trust you 100% Bro plz can you give me a link.Thanks

  18. mon rêve c est de hacker super ferme , pouvez vous maider j ai trouvez pas mal de gens qui on hacker le jeux avec chales mais ça ne fonction pas quand j actualise la page je perd tout les coin que j ai hacker !! aide moii svp on cherche le hack de super ferme si c est possible

  19. thanks for the new mega trainer, so much easier to use, thanks for the hard work u do and the rest of the cyberterminator crew.

  20. svp je cherche le cheat de super ferme si vous pouvez maider personnellement je joue super ferme sur le site , svp aide moi a trouvez un cheat qui fonctionne

  21. Could you please create Zynga Poker hack ? Not the chips but maybe the hack that allow us to see the opponent’s card. Just a suggestion 🙂

  22. Amazing job on the trainer. After the game “maintnence” last night, Battle Pirates no longer works. the “Enable This First” fails. I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome and the Gameroom.

  23. hack doesnt work even if i click yes and also i disabled the antivirus i have latest cheat engine and met framework still it shows click yes on pop up menu . please help sir.

  24. svp je cherche le cheat de super ferme si vous pouvez maider personnellement je joue super ferme sur le site , svp aide moi a trouvez un cheat qui fonctionne

  25. Hi $$CyberWolf$$
    thx to you new mega trainer 🙂

    but problem is – not with your trainer,
    but i use some code and cetrainer in 6.4 and when install more 6.6 soo 6.6 make good but all my trainer in 6.4 send some eroors here
    for pid,pID,name in string.gmatch(LB.Items[idx],'([0-9]+)-\s*([0-9A-F]+)-(.*)’) do

  26. Lands of War ” Ranged Attack ” not working, just got banned from Blood,Oil Gold, not sure on how that hack works but maybe needs to be updated so they cannot pick up on it so easily, idk and not complaining, was a lame game anyways,lol.

  27. I have download the ctmt,I click to chrome but when I click to select browser it doesnt respond it is just SCANNING, PLEASE WAIT and it doesnt work. I have cheat engine 6.6 . what can I do? thank you

  28. Does it work on Win 7 64-bit or not? In requirements it says it supports it but below in the text it says it doesn’t, so which one is it? 😀

  29. Hola podrian hacer esta cosa en el star wars commander? es decir cada vez que ganes una batalla en el pvp que ganes 1 cristal y asi no les parece? 😀 thx

  30. I have Problems, i have Win7 64Bits And he Say install CheatEngine, but i can not install this… hey say win 32 …. but i have 64

  31. salut chef , svp je cherche a hacker super ferme si vous pouvez maider personnellement je joue super ferme sur le site , svp aide moi a trouvez un cheat qui fonctionne et mercii d avance

  32. Please Help Me MD i’m playing in the cafe and teamviewer me but local disk your CTMT cannot Accses my cheat engine please help me

  33. Hello, I already managed to run the program, but I notice that when it enters erase the buildings in battle pirates twice I entered and erased the buildings of the boats lost 200,000 resources 🙁 someone can help thanks

  34. is it only me who dont get no grendade limit?? i can only throw 1 and then im out of grenades … although its enabled..

  35. tem como colocar um trainer do jogo forest rescue, fico grato. Obrigado
    adore o seu jeito de fazer rackers, muito bom!!!!

  36. Create an anti ban for the dungeon blitz game
    I asked you a long time ago and you never did
    You upgrade all games except dungeon blitz: CCCCC
    I want the anti ban because my account was suspended

  37. Already install all the necessary programs and verify that they were in the control panel and still does not work the trainer

  38. Sorry cyber but not all peoples have new computers,a i have windows xp and service pack 3 and i cant launch trainer,i cant install Net Framework 4.5.2,so can you make also old version with cheat engine 6.4.please.

  39. hello.just tried the mega trainer .for CW. but i see a slight diference from the menu..and gui of the trainer from ..last week lets say. and aaaaaaa even though its says all option enabled …nothing works. tried again with the old trainer..and surprize..some of them like thermal circle remove..fog player marks. are working. 🙂