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First of all, We’d like to Thank you for showing your interest in knowing more about Cyber Terminators’ Ad Network.
Cyber Terminators Has been providing legit, free game hacks since Aug 2015. Since 2016 we earned our place and name among everyone out there who were looking for some legit hacks.
We have over 200,000 Unique Visitors every month with over 30,000 members in our Facebook Group and 5000 likes on Our Facebook Page. Apart from this, We have around 4000 registered users on Discord and the number is increasing by hundreds every day.

Before reading any further please note that Cyber Terminators Ad Network is meant only for the CTMT application. Cyber Terminators Mega Application contains all the hacks we make so everyone that’s been visiting our website will be using CTMT in order to use our hacks. As of now, CTMT has over 12,000 active users. The number will eventually increase in upcoming future. We might also consider expanding Cyber Terminators Ad Network in future.

CTMT Ad Placement Details :

As of now, we offer 2 Ad Places in CTMT. One is the Banner Advert and the other one is Text based Link Advert. Banner Advert is image based advert of your product while the Link Advert is just Text Based.
Banner Advert : Is 710 x 20 in size and will be placed at the bottom of CTMT. There will be maximum of 3 slots for banner adverts. The ads will be placed like a slider. The banner adverts will keep changing every 30 Seconds. Since its shown as a slider, users will be able to go through all 3 of the banner adverts easily. Since there are only 3 slots for banner ads, your advert will be shown 33% of the total user’s time.
Link Advert : Is just Text based. Will contain a simple text based link to your product. It will be placed under the “Official Section” of CTMT. Again, there will be a maximum of 3 slots for Link adverts. But each link advert will be changed every 90 Seconds in such a way that the user does not see the same advert again and again.
An Image of how the ads will look in CTMT :

Pricing For Adverts:

Banner Advert per Each Slot = $25 / Week
Link Advert per Each Slot = $15 / Week
*Payments are accepted only by PayPal at the moment. I will send a request for payment every week. (Prices Might Change IN FUTURE)

Advertiser Terms :

  • Anything that promotes Pornography or violence or the use of illegal firearms or the use of drugs or contains obscene language will not be allowed to advertised.
  • Anything related to pharmaceutical will not be allowed to advertised.
  • Anything related to fake paid surveys, scams like “Earn money from home” or any other online scams will not be allowed to advertised.
  • Advertiser will be responsible to send the graphics / images for the banner advert and the Content of the text based advert.

Cyber Terminators’ Ad Network allows anyone to advertise anything until it does not go against our advertiser terms mentioned above.
If you are a game developer and if you are looking forward to advertise your game with us then we will respect the contract between us and we will make sure that there are no working cheats / hacks for your game anywhere on our website / inside CTMT.
CT Ad Network might be more effective if your product is a Game or YouTube Channel or Facebook Page / Group. You can also advertise your Facebook or any other social profile for followers !

If you are interested in joining the Network then please fill out the following form :-



  1. MD Asalam Excuse me, but if I can not use any browser that uses Flasch Player as I can use the Mega trainer? Thank you!

  2. Hello Cyber! I was wondering if it is possible to hack coins or honors in the game Red Crucible Firestorm, Or Red Crucible Reloaded. I tried it myself but didn’t get it. (I just started hacking)