CTMT For Android – v1.5


~ CTMT (Cyber Terminators Mega Trainer) for Android was released and updated on 29th March 2018 ~

CTMT for android is a collection of all the modded apks is a tool release by us to help our users to download Modded APKs’ and their OBBs’ directly to their android devices. Without having to click 3 different pages to download something, CTMT brings the modded APK / OBB directly to their devices with just one click.

~ Features of CTMT for Android ~

  • Directly download modded apks and obbs easily
  • Real – Time Updates
  • Direct Tutorials
  • NO ROOT Required
  • Easy to use, User Friendly Interface

Requirements : 

Using CTMT is really Easy. Steps :

  • Download the APK for CTMT from below.
  • Install it (If you haven’t done this before then go to settings->Security->Tick “Unkown Sources”).
  • Open CTMT
  • Search the game you want the modded apk / obb for using the search box on top
  • Click on it and the download starts automatically. (If there’s an OBB available then you’ll get an option to either download the OBB or APK only)
  • After the download is completed, you will be able to install the modded apk or open the OBB
    (If it says “no apps can perform this action” or something similar, go to storage/CTMT/ location using ES File Explorer or File Manager and install the downloaded apk directly)

Default Download location is : Storage/CTMT/
(You will find the downloaded apks or obb under that location)

NOTE : CTMT for android is still in beta phase. Please let us know if you come across any bugs / issues. Comment below or you can tell us directly through our  Facebook Group or Facebook Page

~ Screenshots ~



Video Tutorial : 

Download the CTMT for free from below :

If you have any questions or problems related to CTMT then you can contact us on our Facebook Group or Facebook Page

Current Version : 1.5, Android Version required : 4.0+, Size : 6 MB
(Please make sure to have enough storage space in your device before downloading the modded apks / obbs from CTMT) 

If you don’t see a download button then click here to download CTMT

What’s new in version 1.5: 

  • Fixed the download bug where download was being cancelled on closing CTMT
  • Fixed the download notification for Android Oreo users
  • Downloads will be much more faster now
  • CTMT now contains even lesser ads.

Useful TIPS : (Recommended Browser to use for best experience – Chrome)

  • If CTMT stops after downloading , You dont have to download it again, you can find the downloaded apk under  your “Storage/CTMT” folder.
  • If you get an error saying “FETCH FAILED“, then go to settings and clear CTMT’s data. Re-open the app and you won’t get this error.
  • If you get an “Error parsing the package” then your apk was not fully downloaded. Re-download it. If you still get an error even after re-downloading it then report it to us.
  • To update the hack, don’t remove the old mod apk provided by us. Instead, just install it over the old one.
  • If you can’t open the file then download and install ES file explorer or File Manager. Then open the apk using ES File Explorer or File Manager.


  1. When I open the app,it immediately shows the it’s starting,n then it’s stuck at that for the rest of the time.ive redownloaded the apk multiple times.ive done all the steps correctly but I keep getting stuck there,it doesn’t even download in the game it’s just stuck at “starting”.I’m using a redmi note 4x quite new to the market. Pls tell me wat I’m doing wrong or if this is part of the process,cos it rly stuck at that for very long

  2. I think im going to die!

    Gardenscape is requiring an update. Meaning after the ctmt update,so i cannot play!
    Homescape keeps me on level 1. I tried to force stop and play again but it didnt solve the problem.

    Im going crazzzzyyyy!

  3. I lost my last farm few days ago.people turned me in.poof gone..started brand new Facebook. Download code. Game keeps reloading over and over. I will start making flour and bam reload. Its is continuing to do this over and over with codes.so disappointed love having keys to help .never cheated. So the crybabies have finally won zygna is fixing I have a feeling. So guess i’m done trying to do a farm. I really appreciate the code wish i could use it .btw Facebook isnt even on my tablet right know. So not connected I have been trying to get this to work on my tablet for 2 days. Same issue no matter what 5th try with new farm