Critical Ops Firerate + Show Enemy + Reload + Many Other Hacks


Critical Ops Hacks were released and updated on 29 April 2017 ! 

Trainer Contains :

  • No flash from flash grenades
  • Spot Enemy on  MiniMap 
  • Make grenades bounce
  • Show bomb sites
  • Show weapons
  • Firerate Hack (New): Increases the rate of fire of all your weapons, including semi auto, auto, pistols, shotguns and knife !
  • Reload Hack
  • No Grenade Damage (New): Your player Takes no damage from a grenade !
  • Knife 360 (New) : Hits your opponent with the knife even if the opponent is behind you !
  • Remove Weapon Shakes (New): Removes and decreases a lil bit of recoil for your weapons so that you can use them with firerate hack !
  • Float In Air (New)
  • No Spread : Helps you Shoot a player more easily !

Enable the hack while the game is still loading. If you refresh, you need to re-select the browser process again (which in this case in gameroom. Hit select and enable the hacks

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Screenshots Taken on 30 April 2017:

Video Tutorial : 

If the trainer fails ,close the game completely, restart the trainer and game. Select the browser process. After that, enable the hacks. You can use CT Process Hacker to pause the process

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. Hey man, you can pls atualize, this ? i’m brazilian sorry my english D: so, it’s about the patch, i can’t use the trainer, no recoil + no spread and show enemy on map.. The patch is v0.6.3.5 you can fix it ? pls, again, sorry my english D:
    Trainer critical ops