Critical Ops Hacks were released and updated on 29 April 2017 ! 

Trainer Contains :

  • No flash from flash grenades
  • Spot Enemy on  MiniMap 
  • Make grenades bounce
  • Show bomb sites
  • Show weapons
  • Firerate Hack (New): Increases the rate of fire of all your weapons, including semi auto, auto, pistols, shotguns and knife !
  • Reload Hack
  • No Grenade Damage (New): Your player Takes no damage from a grenade !
  • Knife 360 (New) : Hits your opponent with the knife even if the opponent is behind you !
  • Remove Weapon Shakes (New): Removes and decreases a lil bit of recoil for your weapons so that you can use them with firerate hack !
  • Float In Air (New)
  • No Spread : Helps you Shoot a player more easily !

Enable the hack while the game is still loading. If you refresh, you need to re-select the browser process again (which in this case in gameroom. Hit select and enable the hacks

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Screenshots Taken on 30 April 2017:

Video Tutorial : 

If the trainer fails ,close the game completely, restart the trainer and game. Select the browser process. After that, enable the hacks. You can use CT Process Hacker to pause the process

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. Thanks guys for all the work you’ve done and still doing, however i’d like to point out that this new “increase enemy visible time” isn’t helping at all.. We have no idea if there’s an enemy coming or close till they start shooting, and a “visible time” that lasts 2 or 3 seconds is almost useless. Is there any hope the good ol’ “Show enemy on minimap” restarts working anymore? It’s the best feature amongst all available hacks (along with no recoil) and i’m so frustrated it doesn’t work anymore. PLEASE GUYS TRY TO DO SOMETHING !

  2. Why I cant download the hacks just from cyber terminator ? the problem is when i press download button then the page automaticcaly go to hack made by joe joe?

  3. AimBot doesn’t work.. I mean it says “dll has been succesfully injected” but i don’t see any difference when i play.. The No Recoil works perfectly but i don’t see anything that can be described as “AimBot”.. Who else has the same issue?

  4. Hey man, you can pls atualize, this ? i’m brazilian sorry my english D: so, it’s about the patch, i can’t use the trainer, no recoil + no spread and show enemy on map.. The patch is v0.6.3.5 you can fix it ? pls, again, sorry my english D:
    Trainer critical ops

  5. i´d tried the new hack,… but if i want play it comes a critical error ,.. and the game stopped ,… i´tried enable all ,.. this was ok ,.. but if i enable just no recoil and no flash and minimap it comes an error ,.. could u help me out pls ,.. what do i wrong

  6. new version is out now CO v.0605 ,.. ur Hacks don´t work on this version , sry mate , could u upload new hacks pls,… greetz

  7. Mr. Wolf
    Will hax be released caz some are saying tht c-ops has anti-hack thingy
    If yes then…i cant wait ti get em xD cant wait

    • their anti hack will just monitor your stats which means if they see a jump in your KDR from 0.5 to 5.5 or something then they are gonna ban you. Also they can monitor your acc for using hacks like wall hacks and etc

      • So if my KDR is already high they wont do anything xD
        Btw tnx bout new hax gonna download em ASAP caz my lap is broken xD

  8. Can you tell me how can i make less recoil with cheat engine ? I mean i want to make recoil about less numbers but not 0. Please.

  9. Cyber mate .i discovered on android that if you clear the data in c-ops then you re-enter the app the ads get refreshed and you get more know the ads have a timer i think ,you get 5 ads you watch them then you have to wait for hours to get new one..but clear data resets the ads quickly….but the dowside is that the game needs to replace the data you cleared(about 20_30mb) and its a problem for us gamers with limited data…can you look into it please and find what makes the ads refresh after a clear data ?and maybe find a way to get more ads without clearing data everytime ?maybe even make a tool to refresh the ads after you had looked into the files involved in it

  10. Wouldn’t It Be Best To Giveaway the Hack (If Possible) to Some People; Im Pretty Sure There is People Here who Can Not Afford To purchase The skins. ( Just An Opinion)

  11. Release the new hack quickly, they might update the game soon again, really want that skin hack. When will you release it though?

  12. man i feel sorry for you getting banned from that Mod guy …
    btw could you make a Hack where you can have Mod tag in your name ?
    and if you could make hacks to turn off insanity when a Mod joins in the Room ?

    • i use ultrasurf so i can get ads so i can get credits from them.. how about you attack that ads system ,since it’s an outside source of credit and the only way of putting credits in this server sided credit about you make a program that acts like an ad ,and hijacks oe replaces the real ads ,then the program/tool/whatever will be pushing in the number of credits we want ..u know how when u complete and ad it gives u credits ? my point is find something that acts like the ad and gives us credits without completing surveys or watching vids

  13. there a guy name xxxshotxxx in youtube makeking the hack that masss kill esp box blah and some credit hack like that you can go him youtube channel and watch can u create some similar thing like that thanks if u do that

  14. Hello sir ur trainer hax is awesome but theres somethin different at old no recoil and new no recoil, i think old no recoil hax better can u patch again the no recoil hax ?, i just want my sniper accuracy fixed xd btw thx for making the hax xD u are very awesome

  15. As i said , If you stand still and shoot the recoil hack words and go straight but if you keep moving it doesnt go straight !!!!

  16. The recoil hack doesnt work if you move and shoot only works while you stand still fix it please add the old recoil back

  17. They updated the game hack doesnt work anymore , and btw the recoil hack doesnt work when you move and shoot the bullet doesnt go stait but the old recoil hack did work but the new on recoil + spead doesnt work

  18. Yo can u make a aimbot becoz i see somne in youtube channel upload it and fuck with it,wtf ?.can u make a aimbot for this game critical ops thx.

  19. Hello CyberWolf,

    I hope you can help me. I got banned by a mod, I opened a new account, it didn’t work. I changed my public ip address using a VPN and I am still banned. How do they ban you? I thought that changing my public ip address would do it. Do they ban you with something more than the ip? You know more than me, how can I get around it?

    Thanks for reading it.

  20. sir , the trainer is incomplete . there are no “Swap weapons faster” and “higher weapon range” in the trainer.

  21. I just tried to use it a few moments ago, and all the hacks do not work except No Recoil, I think they might have patched most of it.

  22. help i tried using knife hack and i tried killing people it didnt work and then i disable it my knife now dosent kill people even with no hack pls help me ;-;

  23. @CyberWolf pls reply i got 1 question only, if the mods playing with me in a room and my radar hack is on ,they can detect it or they just guessing it? sorry for bad english pls reply me. thanks in advance and i love ur hack.

  24. Please make hacks for the game called ” warmerise ” i want my all guns to be unlocked & many play this game about 300 people daily…



  25. cyberwolf how to fix when u downloded it it comes with open with browser and save file then i didnt want to open with internet explorer how to make it open with browser pls help its a long storry pls help me

  26. Do there can be a hack of unlocking all the skins in this game coz i love to have them… If yes kindly requesting the hack team to make it in the next update.
    Thanks in advance

  27. Yo can u try to add in th jext updated like credit hack,wall hack see thought wall,aimbot.It will thanksful if u do that in the next updated thanks.u skill show that the shitty anti cheat of this game cant do shit in u u hack.keep it up 🙂

  28. OMG! you=GOD i swear wow man u r awesome thanks for the hack but pls remove the game breaking hack like high jump and also do u get banned for hacking?

  29. OMG! thank u so much man! u r a beast! but please remove some hacks that breaks the game like u know jump high 🙂 but u are awesome brotha

  30. Can you make mod/dev commands ? like they ban peoples etc and credit hack + fly hack + make the jump range lil bit more , sniper aimbot hax etc

  31. Damn I got banned for life using the hacks. I tried creating new accounts but it doesn’t work. Fuck don’t know what to do now.

  32. Hello could you removed the firerate because we could het banned… Remove the knife hack… Just make it a normal hack like instant reload,show enemy on map,no recoil,make gun more damage… And one more thing… This is just a suggestion of mine could you make a credits hack?

  33. Wow hacks are now working. You are so cool after they add a patch you did not even a take day to update hacks. thanks you are amazing. Your site now kind of famous now. They all are talking about your site in critical ops group. lol

    • Famous? We are talking about how much of a shitty nerd with no life who likes to ruin games he is. All of you who cheat are losers with no skill who thinks they are achieving something by cheating in a F2P Game. Just learn how to play the game lIke everyone else, and stop being a cheater with no life.

      • First , yes im nerd but not shitty. Second , im starting to wonder what a fair player like you is doing on my website ? Aren’t you suppose play fair and not look for hacks ?

        • I am a mobile player, and I’m trying to convince people to stop using shitty cheats and start playing this game how it’s suppose to be played. It’s just annoying to see how many people are actually stupid enough to be interested in these cheats… you are right, I’m just gonna leave this website you know no one wants to listen to a legit player who hates Cheaters. But they will learn the lesson for them selfs, when they are going to be banned. Btw I do play on PC Sometimes, I just care for the community

          • Well you should use hacks sometimes. You’ll love em 😉 I’ll be honest , I like making hacks because it shows how vulnerable a game is. M pretty sure the developers are working hard to fix these hacks but they’re just not good enough .

            • Of cource using cheats is fun and stuff, from experience, But its just not worth it. You are going to be hated and eventually banned. Its alot more fun to go and learn how to play the actual game and master it. Also, keep in mind you just used the word vulnerable, by that you mean you like to hurt the devs that are working hard and hurt the community. Instade of sitting on their asses trying to create a better anti cheat system, they can work on more important stuff such as new maps, new modes and diffrent gameplay improvements. Keep In mind it’s only alpha, they are not even done with the god demn game and this game is still getting flooded by Cheaters. So I’m here to ask you a question, can you just leave Critical ops and hack other games, or maybe get rid of some cheats that completely break the game.

              • You made me feel sad for the developers lol
                I wont release the immortal hack for this then. I did help a game developer make an anti cheat for their games, all i got was a “thank you” email in return.

  34. Please add the jump hack again, who cares if you get banned you can just make a new account. You can also leave some text saying: Use at you’re own risk.

  35. Hey! It”s really cool hack. But knife hack is not work 🙁 I dont kill guys whit knife 🙁 And please update and give the hack god mode and unlimited ammo and ghost mode 😀 Thenks.

  36. hello I would say that the critical ops hacks who have taken recently do not work as they updated the game and patched most of the hacks, please see how to fix it and to have the hacks.
    from now thanks
    carefully: EnzoGamerYT

  37. Can you add the fire rate only for pistols if i use asult rifle for fire rate it will detect for others… plz ?

  38. Wow new hacks updated 🙂 i just saw video i did not know. How to get sniper cros hair ? Waht is swap wapon faster ?

  39. a guy was hacking and killed meh many times and he teach meh the hack later on he got ban except meh…. welp im getting nervous ;_;

  40. Can u please HACK the game called Warmerise…
    i want to unlock all the weapons + wall hack bro

    hope u’ll consider my request,

    Thanks in ADVANCE.!!

  41. Can u please add Warmerise Hacks bro just i want unlock all weapons…
    Hope u’ll try to HACK the game what i requested…

    Thanks in Advance.

  42. failed, failed, failed, no working anymore? please add more hacks thank you, you are the boss man, jai Hind!

    • Just tested the hack , it is still working !
      you need to enable the hacks when the second loading Screen pops up ie., when it says “Starting” Screen. Watch the video !

  43. Is it possible for a wall hack instead of show enemy’s on mini map. Is an aimbot even possible for this game?

  44. Hello CyberWolf,

    Thank you my friend!!! Just tested it out and it is working great. We all appreciate what you do.


  45. Hello,
    as of today May 20, 2016 Critical Ops has been updated again for the Version

    – no recoil – failed
    – Ironsight for all weapons – failed

    sometimes i am getting a failed on all the hacks. They just updated a day ago from to today’s

  46. Hello,

    I just downloaded the new update version. I still think that higher damage and higher weapon range are not working or should be more powerful.

    Would you be willing to increase power for both?

  47. Game got updated, update hacks please 🙂 show enemy on map doesnt work, iron sight doesnt work, none of the hacks work

  48. If i try many times and get a few of the hacks enabled, they block me from playing the game. they put some kind of protection that read the hacks are on and it it gives you an error and do not let you play the server selected.

  49. Hello and first of thanks a lot for the update!!
    It’s a dumb question,but how does the higher weapon range works? Just point from far away and shoot?

  50. Wow $$CyberWolf$$ show enemey on map working. Is higher damage working ? what is the increase range ? And others are works fine. Thank you sooooo much $$CyberWolf$$ you are a ginus.

  51. Omg… So Many kids begging to cheat… Its so annoying how little kids find cheating so fun and rewarding… they are just big losers that doesnt know how to play the game.

  52. Whatup CyberWolf, Let me know if you are ever interested in having someone do recording for you, i have vary little in making videos and i am learning more each day but something like this i could easily make stuff on, If you are interested let me know with a replay,

    My YouTube:

    My Specs:

    If you want some other way of contacting i can give you my Skype, Thanks ~ThatOneGuy

    • Thank you for your offer but i have my own channel where i post the videos. You can make videos of my hacks but i wont be able to link them to my post if i already have the video tutorial posted for it. If i dont , you can suggest me an edit with the video link via comments but the video should have Cyber Terminators’s website link.

  53. After the exam plz add those i asked also. And good luck study hard.I wish you will have good scor. 😀 😀 😀 😉 😉 <3 <3. Thanks…

  54. Can you give us a time frame on when we can expect the new update with new hacks?

    I vote for more damage as well.
    You rock!!!

  55. How about adding a bit more health so we dont die too fast and adding the hack one time kill as well?

    would you be able to do that please?


  56. it is working, thanks a lot.
    suggestion: Can you add some other hacks for example:

    speed hack but not 2x the speed. something slightly faster ex: 1.3x?
    also life hack same thing, slighlty more health 50% more?

    let me know if this is doable.

    thanks again!!!


  57. update: even when using no recoild and no spread tha application is doing what is suppose to do. Can you please check? please let me know when updating the application

    thanks again,

  58. When selecting all ammo included it doesnt not kill anybody. its like they are immune to the shots. please check