Critical Ops Mod APK v0.9.7.f373 Radar + High Aim Assist + Invalid Install and Anti-Cheat Bypass MOD APK [NO ROOT]

Critical Ops Mod APK v0.9.7.f351 Radar + No Spread + Invalid Install and Anti-Cheat Bypass MOD APK [NO ROOT] was released and update on 21 March 2018 ! Version : v0.9.7.f373

(You will have to re-download and reinstall this app after every ban wave. There is no way you can “unban” your account. Please read the article first and then question the “Anti-Cheat Bypass”)

Modded Apk Contains :

  • Anti-Cheat Bypass : I only tried bypassing the auto “kick/ban” system. If you get caught and reported, then there’s nothing that can help you from not getting banned.
  • Signature Verification Bypass
  • NEW Radar Hack : Marks enemies on the mini map
  • High Aim Assist (REMOVED)
  • INVALID INSTALL BYPASS (NEW) : Don’t worry about this error anymore. You’ll be able to play even after every ban wave they ever do in future.  (but you will have to re-download the hack and re-install it after every ban wave. )
  • NOTE : You don’t have to uninstall the old CT mod (if using one) while installing an update. You can install it over the old one and it will still work. However, if you have the original COPs from google play then you need to remove that first and then install the MOD APK.

This modded apk works on both non rooted and rooted android smartphones. It also works on bluestacks / Nox Player / Any Other android simulator. 

Note: Special thanks to Sergio for helping me out with this mod. In Order to use your Facebook account with the mod, you will have to Uninstall/Disable your Facebook application first. If any of the mods are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks as soon as possible.

Steps to Install:

  • Uninstall any current version of the game.
  • Download the apk and install it. (If you haven’t done this before then go to settings->Security->Tick “Unkown Sources”)
  • Download the obb file
  • Extract the zip and copy the obb folder as it is under storage/Android/Obb/com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops (If you dont find the folder then create one with that name)

Don’t worry, our mod version lets you login using your facebook account but not with google account. So you don’t lose any data. Again, to login using facebook, you need to remove / disable your facebook application. If you don’t have one then just ignore this last sentence. 

Join Our Facebook Group to stay updated and contact the admins any time you like –


Video tutorial : Will be added soon..

Download the modded apk and OBB from below:

(This modded apk and OBB is available in CTMT for android. Download and install CTMT for android from above first. You will be able to find this hack inside CTMT for android.)


  • If your guest account is banned then just clear data + cache and you’ll be good to go.
  • When the next ban wave hits, your account will get banned because they ban everyone who did not install COPs from Google Play (ie., all the users with modded apks) So, I suggest you to use a guest account or an alternate account.
  • THERE WILL BE NO MOD MENU. Not now, not in the future.
  • In their last update, the developers hid the DLL where the mod menu was coded along with the aimbot, ESP, Tutorial Bypass and other hacks. Since there is no DLL, its almost impossible to code any of the old hacks. So, dont bother asking down in the comments.
  • If you get an error saying the resources cannot be downloaded then you need to download the obb from here and place it in the right folder. If you get the error even after placing it then you did something wrong and i’d suggest you to watch the video.
  • If you get an “Error parsing the package” then your apk was not fully downloaded. Re-download it.


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