Critical Ops Mod APK v0.9.1.f180 Radar + No Spread + Invalid Install and Anti-Cheat Bypass MOD APK [NO ROOT] was released and update on 19 Sept 2017 ! Version : 0.9.1.f184 / f180

MOD APK For v0.9.1.f184 DOESNT NOT REQUIRE PARALLEL SPACE. You can download , install and play just like the older versions of hack.

Modded Apk Contains :

  • Anti-Cheat Bypass : I only tried bypassing the auto “kick/ban” system. If you get caught and reported, then there’s nothing that can help you from not getting banned.
  • Radar Hack : Marks enemies on the mini map
  • No Spread(visual) (removed in f184)


This modded apk works on both non rooted and rooted android smartphones. It also works on bluestacks / Nox Player / Any Other android simulator. 

Note: Special thanks to Sergio for helping me out with this mod. In Order to use your Facebook account with the mod, you will have to Uninstall/Disable your Facebook application first. If any of the mods are not working then let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hacks as soon as possible.

Steps to Install:

  • Uninstall any current version of the game.
  • Download the apk and install it. (If you haven’t done this before then go to settings->Security->Tick “Unkown Sources”)
  • Download the obb file
  • Extract the zip and copy the obb folder as it is under storage/Android/Obb/com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops (If you dont find the folder then create one with that name)
  • Install Parallel Space from Google Play (do only if you are using f180)
  • Add Critical Ops in it’s list (do only if you are using f180)
  • Then run the game from Parallel Space

Don’t worry, our mod version lets you login using your facebook account but not with google account. So you don’t lose any data. Again, to login using facebook, you need to remove / disable your facebook application. If you don’t have one then just ignore this last sentence. 

Join Our Discord Server to stay updated and contact the admins any time you like –


Video tutorial On how to install the mod and obb (for vf184): 

Video tutorial on how to use parallel space with Critical ops (for vf180)

Download the OBB for v0.9.1.f184 from below:

Download the obb for v0.9.1.f180 from here 

Download the MOD APK for v0.9.1.f184 from below:

Download the mod apk for v0.9.1.f180 from here !

If you can’t open the file then use ES file explorer to browse to your file under downloads folder and run it through there. 


  • THERE WILL BE NO MOD MENU. Not now, not in the future.
  • In their last update, the developers hid the DLL where the mod menu was coded along with the aimbot, ESP, Tutorial Bypass and other hacks. Since there is no DLL, its almost impossible to code any of the old hacks. So, dont bother asking down in the comments.
  • If you get an error saying the resources cannot be downloaded then you need to download the obb from here and place it in the right folder. If you get the error even after placing it then you did something wrong and i’d suggest you to watch the video.


  1. i am ur biggest fan Cyber wolf Have you ever noticed Whenever the new update of Critical ops arrives God promise I always arrives to your Website to see that you have Hacked the newer version or not But this time iam Pretty much upset Cyberwolf Because everyone Loves the aimbot hack and this time you have not added that soo please I beg you To add the aimbot hack in you next Critical ops hack please . And one more thing ur just awesome man love your Mods

  2. Hi agein thx i have downloaded it 😉 but still one problem why cant i swich account and one more thing can i download Critical Ops that it is not amast all time came update it plz tell me a am weiting plz plzzz ☻

  3. I downloaded the Apk yi jar file and tried to install it with es file manager, but the game’s lib file and similar files are much appreciated

  4. First I download the obb and apk I install apk then I copy the obb to storage-android-obb-com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops but it still isn’t working tell me what I did wrong bro please reply

  5. Hey, I have a problem I’m using your hax but when I play against another hacker I do not have the chance to hit me through the whole map and I have to be close to killing them through the wall Can you do anything about it?

  6. sir cyberwolf why the Shoot through walls magic walls works only if the enemy is 30m or 15m from you not working if the enemy is away from u like 100m ?can u add remote kill

  7. Hey bro i click on the dowload both OBB and MOD APK but when next page open no dowload option please help me if you can ???????? Cyber

  8. Bro why I can’t download your apk mod?when i click your link there is no download or link,there is link but I must copy and paste it and search but no result,help!

  9. Amazing mod. I just have 1 suggestion. On the next update could you move the -CT- button more to the right? It annoying having the scoreboard come up every time it’s toggled.

  10. Hanlo bro can you make a rooted apk?
    Also my device is LG, it’s not compatible with my device, I can’t install Apk file is it normal?

  11. Ok so i did everyting that u did in your video but when i open es file… it does not give me the app as in image to install it it gives me it as a file how i fix….

  12. Hi ssCyberWolfss,

    I have downloaded the updated version of critical ops hack which was latest 21-Aug-17, but its cant let me connect with my facebook account for my already saved profile can u fix this pls.

  13. [ CYBERWOLF ] I caught one operative using rain hack in ASIA/SG1 sever.i asked him how u got it?,he told me he developed it itself WTF!!?.PLEASE add aimbot ,( rain hack ) or tell me how to develop our own hacks.PLEASE!!

  14. is there is any method to get dissaper from radar then add her becoz #other_hacker use sombir and no reload , radar so it become very hard to kill them

  15. It says file cant open i dowloaded es file and press on it then it show some options and one of them is other i press on it and then press vrefi and install but they say there was a problem in parasing the package how to fix it

  16. I spelled everything wron and I love how you do it for free and thank you and I love how you added the radar option don’t get rid of it but please add aimbot that’s all you need and I’ll love it please add aimbot

  17. Hey I obe this mod menu and all and I like how you added the radar option don’t get rid of it but can you please add sunburn t I beg you that’s what you should add then the menu will be awesome and thank you for doing all this for free shot head xxruitxx makes you pay $10-15 for a menu thanks but can you please add aimbot

  18. Hi Wolf. i appreciate what you done, but (for me) it is useless to have this (awesome) hacks without aimbot…like, it was the no.1 priority for hacking this game. I would LOVE if you added it. (the old versions doesnt work anymore, probably globally)
    PEACE •√

  19. Will I be banned if I play this version and turn off all the hack options?
    I’ve got no idea about the anti-hack system

  20. Please cyberwolf add silent aimbot,no reload ,and grenede boumce.please make a mod with this features like
    Wall hack
    No reload
    Silent aimbot
    Anti cheats
    Grenede bounce.please make a mod by addimg this features. please

  21. Hello! First of all thank the team for the mod. I wanted to ask you a question: Is there any way to hide the hack menu? It has a button (hide menu) but it returns to deploy only and is very annoying to play.

    Another query that I wanted to do: for when the auto recharge and the rain of bullets?

    thanks for everything!

    • Unlimited amo it’s impossible it already have radar and aimbot its cool we you just don’t want to touch you screen the mod it’s super good just shut up and use it

  22. Cyberwolf plz add Silent Aim-Bot and No Recoil …plz bro we all R requesting U …after all u r the best HACKER A.W.S MODDER ..plz do this much of favour for us ..after all U are AWESOME

    Plz add bro

  23. Hi, could you just make a modded apk with just licence check off? because the game is impossible to download via Google Play for root users

  24. Any chance to move the menu toggle to the right of the scores in the next update? Every time I want to open the menu, it opens the scores as well and obscures the view completely if in the middle of a fight @[email protected] Other than this slight issue, great work on the mod.

  25. hey i downloaded mod version of critical ops but when i join a game it always says disconnected then initializing and i get back to main menu it always happens and i can’t play the game

  26. Hey cyber i have the same issue with the downloading issue and i really wanted the reloading part is this to and many more that used to be in the old ones that i accidentally deleted today.

  27. You or y’all are the best yall comment back and your hacks work and u keep us updated but I just want to say thx may God bless you all

  28. Hi cyber wolf I’ve downloaded the apk and tried to open it with Es file explorer but it says tht there is a problem prhasing the package and it says apk at the end of the apk wht else can I do pls help me

  29. I can’t install the APK. I tried es explorer but it doesn’t install it, it opens the File and make me see whats in it. Please help me

  30. Can you make a mod without rain bullets only radar

    They always catches us cheating because of rain bullets
    Make it less suspicious

  31. Create a mod 3 apk contains mod menu which contains : radar,aimbot, thats all and the important thing when hax are turned off they dont work… ik thats weird but most of mod menu apks runs hax even if they turned off

  32. Bro thx for this it helps me alot can u do a mod menu apk ? Contains all the hax and the important thing nothing wprks when u turn off hax yes nothing pls mod menu pls without grenade bounce hack its useless

  33. I have a question apart from this app. Google play store says my phone version doesn’t support c ops. However i used to play with this phone months back. Why is this!!

  34. Can u make a apk that have no mod in it but for root or custom android user?critical ops from other website cant be run on those android and cant be download from playstore

  35. The mod worked perfectly. Thank for your hard work. But i would love to see your guys add this feature: set a lower timing for mission. Because it’s so hard to get currency to buy skin. Can you do this? Once again thank u very much !!!

  36. Hello cyber! I have a problem I can’t connect with my old Google play account what’s the problem? Now I must play as :operative! 🙁

    How can I connect the hack with my Google play critical ops account?

  37. Please update to the lastest version ,since there are new things.. also please add a money hack or credit mod… Although really awesome mods by you love it..

  38. I’m trying to start up the game but it goes to the screen where it says starting on top left and never starts, can you help me?

  39. Can you skip the tutorial in the next update hack ,which goes straight to the 200 credits menu btw nice mod menu:)

  40. Can you add a menu where you can turn off hacks and turn them on also like ruitz hacks add a thiing where you can change your name in middle of game so you dont get banned plssssssssss.

  41. well can you add wallhack magic bulet esp radar and silent aimbot? also mkae that a meu or can be turned off by pressing on/off