Critical Ops Hacks were released and updated on 6 May 2017 ! 

Trainer Contains :

  • No flash from flash grenades
  • Spot Enemy on  MiniMap 
  • Make grenades bounce
  • Show bomb sites
  • Show weapons
  • Firerate Hack (New): Increases the rate of fire of all your weapons, including semi auto, auto, pistols, shotguns and knife !
  • Reload Hack
  • No Grenade Damage (New): Your player Takes no damage from a grenade !
  • Knife 360 (New) : Hits your opponent with the knife even if the opponent is behind you !
  • Remove Weapon Shakes (New): Removes and decreases a lil bit of recoil for your weapons so that you can use them with firerate hack !
  • Float In Air (New) : (Use the crouch button or Control Button to fly)
  • No Spread : Helps you Shoot a player more easily !

Enable the hack while the game is still loading. If you refresh, you need to re-select the browser process again (which in this case in gameroom. Hit select and enable the hacks

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Screenshots Taken on 30 April 2017:

Video Tutorial : 



  1. Will you keep update for this game? I just cannot download from the google play. And Apkpure Version didn’t work. Only yours works. QwQ So if you stop update for the game, I cannot go anywhere to play

  2. Is it possible for a credits hack?
    I tried it already but my game glitches and gives me 10 fake cases 😛

    Or any case hacks? I don’t wanna spend time on getting them 😛

    • Unfortunately the credits is a server side thing and there is no hack for it. I wish there was a possible way because we all want free skins. They patched that a long time ago. I heard something about a hack for it but only you see the skin….. Kinda pointless so we never bothered to implement this.

  3. Please how to hack it i can’t do anything .its saying locate Cheat engine and then i click yes it show can’t locate cheat engine.what i will do
    i have cheat engine but its not locating

  4. Okay, so I followed the steps just as was done in the video. But whenever I click pause the game still has aa green loading bar at the top of the facebook ssengar ap and whenever I click enable on the hacks I selected they just say failed

  5. Bro my eyes pain when I play games on pc, plz release atleast 2 hacks for this game on Android- Radar and ESP lines boxes. Thanks

  6. Guys, C-ops on pc will be shutting down in late summer on 2017 according to the devs so they can develop their game further

    the devs said that themselves but they might change their minds

  7. Is a aimbot doable? I mean it seems like you’re not talking a lot on this, we don’t seem to have a lot of answer about it :p

    Thanks for your incredible work by the way 🙂

    it says *Connected to Gameroom. PID-0*
    it happens to every game
    and also it happens to a different trainer!
    how do i fix this??????!

  9. can you add
    infinite shop time
    infinite ammo
    everything in shop is free or have alot of money for the weapon shop
    infinite health

    and also the fly in air hack is almost useless, just a chance to get banned

  10. Can you hack Pirate galaxy ? something like making the basic weappon have high damage ? if not can you try doing it with Hello Hero ? (its for mozilla firefox since opera and chrome does not suport plugin anymore, i dont know about gameroom though)

  11. Bro Can You add hack like when mission is start like 30 yellow credits we change to blue credits and more increase cost ?
    else hack of coins or credits ?
    please make this Plz plz plz plz
    Thankz For Help <3 :-*

  12. critical ops problem,

    the game was updated today so the hack doesn’t work now please update the hack thank you.

  13. Critical Ops been updated and some of the hacks are failed.

    Show Weapons
    Float in air
    Less Recoil + No Spread

    Can u fix this?

  14. could you fix the C-OPS trainer because when i try the 360 knife hack it crashes because of the ticks can’t register that quickly, other hacks work fine apart from 360 knife and grenade bounce/nodamage

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    GameNetworkHandler.TickUpdate (Single deltaTime, InputData inputData) [server sided tick update failing probably]
    LocalCharacter.TickUpdate (Single deltaTime) [third person player model animation i assume]
    GameManager.TickUpdate (Single deltaTime) [client side i assume]
    FixedUpdate.Update (Single currentTime, Int32 maxUpdates) [the update i think]
    GameManager.ManagerUpdate () [server side?]
    Manager`1[T].Update ()

  15. They done another update to the game.

    Some are still able to enable, except for the recoil, but as soon as on the map to play the game crashes.

  16. the recent one is not working after Critical Ops got updates to v0.7.1.1 🙁

    Pls make hack for this version too…

  17. great! but how to fly hack 🙁 pls reply i hav been trying to do dat and idk what key i just spamm every key but cant find!!!!!!

  18. Why does it only show
    Show enemy on Minimap
    No flash
    Make grenade bounce
    Show Bomb
    Show Weapons
    Make semi guns faster
    Firerate hack
    Reload hack
    Wheres the fly and other stuff?
    I updated it but it doesnt show
    Please dont reply “the hack was updated” i need explanation

  19. The hacks from doesn’t work anymore the new update version is please fix it so we can use hacks again please make it soon I think u should add aimbot please thanks and please hurry I want to start using hacks again

  20. i only have:
    show enemy on minimap
    no flash
    make grenade bounce
    show bomb “isn’t working”
    show weapons “isn’t working”
    make semi guns faster
    firerate hack
    reload hack…

    fly and other stuff?

  21. First stuff, make the chat shorter or something like that
    Second stuff, can you tell me where is the other hacks?
    Or maybe, tell me how to show the hacks please 🙁

  22. Please help me I have the latest version of CTMT version 1.4 then also the critical ops hack has not been updated help me please!! any help will be appreciated 😀

  23. Sorry but this hack is not working anymore the new verison of critical ops is thank you so please try to find new hack for it please I really want to keep using hacks please find a new hack

  24. Good hach wolf but i have these problems:
    -i suicide with no reason, i dont fly
    -when i activate recoil hack, bullets dont make damage at all!. Could you fix it please? Have a good day

  25. i will agree with the guy….no recoil is not work fine….the bullets when you shooting is like you have recoil on….sorry for bad english

  26. Tested the new update, the fast rate bullets seem to just empty the chamber, further it seems like lot of times when shooting, the bullets dont hit anything at all even when they stand right infront of me.

    I have tested this with with the rapid fire on and off, firehack on and off and with the reload hack on

  27. good job!! but, the no recoil hack don’t really work for me, when i’m shooting, the crosshair don’t moove, but i can see that projectiles have the recoil’s path. (sorrry for bad english, i’m french)

  28. i have probleme help me : my probleme : Critical Error.Unable to connect to the server .Make Sure That the program is not being blocked by your antivirus . you can try adding this application to you antivirus’s whitelist or disable your antivirus.
    if you don’t trust uq then don’t use this application .

  29. (The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)
    ??? what this mean

  30. Bro your aimbot has been down for legit a month…. Are you going to fix it? Btw everything else is good but seriously fix the aimbot you have fans that come here daily waiting for it (Like myself). Thanks and have a successful 2017.

  31. Hello! Thanks for the hacks it works very well. But i search the jump hack and i don’t find for 3 month!!! Anybody know where i cant find the jump hack? Thanks

  32. Hey, I use your aimbot dll file for the wallhack and still works fine. Though because of all the hacks (I’m assuming) inside of the dll, it drops my frames per second from 60 on ultra gfx to 15-20 on lowest gfx. Is there a way to boost my frames while the dll is injected? Whether it be removing hacks from the dll or a new way to inject?

  33. Thanks guys for all the work you’ve done and still doing, however i’d like to point out that this new “increase enemy visible time” isn’t helping at all.. We have no idea if there’s an enemy coming or close till they start shooting, and a “visible time” that lasts 2 or 3 seconds is almost useless. Is there any hope the good ol’ “Show enemy on minimap” restarts working anymore? It’s the best feature amongst all available hacks (along with no recoil) and i’m so frustrated it doesn’t work anymore. PLEASE GUYS TRY TO DO SOMETHING !

  34. Thanks for the update! I was wondering if you could add a seperate aimbot to the sniper, without having to use the aimbot on all guns.

  35. whats different with the 13 dec update? is it just to make everything work because there was an update of the game or did you changed something?

  36. This new radar hack sucks.. It’s absolutely USELESS.. We can’t do anything with it. It doesn’t help, actually it’s QUITE the OPPOSITE. Seing a lot of motionless red spots in a place where you already are, you look in all directions and see no enemy around, well that makes it WAY MORE difficult to us to play good. PLEASE try to do something. I’m pissed off with this useless minimap hack.

  37. I do hack the hack from 5th december, cant download the new one from the 9th i only get a file from the download button what to do with it?The old version i have still works on 0.6.4 but want the new one any help wolf?

  38. Ah alright man, I don’t know how hard it is to use that kind of hack and I appreciate that you upload them but that’s the default radar without hacks, enemies pop up when they shoot.

  39. Can the radar hack be repaired / changed to live? Critical ops is too fast paced for a past based radar (if intentionally made this way.) Thanks in advance.

  40. dont like this … dont like fov , enemy on minimap is teleporting ….. upgrate solo no recoil minimap anti ban and no flash

  41. Guys it’s been hours now it sucks i’m bored i can’t play without hacks.. I say it ONCE AGAIN: ONLY “no recoil” works and NO OTHER FEATURE worked during ALL THE DAY. Dunno what you waiting for to update/fix it. PLEASE guys DO SOMETHING ! FGS !

  42. guys
    7.12.2016 – new map
    the only thing that works is recoil
    the rest fails
    hope you get it fixed 🙂
    really appreciate your worl

  43. HACK not work. Only no recoil cheat is working but others not. others is “failed”. Video too not help. What i can do? Anyone help me?

  44. HACK not work. Only no recoil cheat is working but others not. others is “failed”. Video too not help. What i can do? Anyone help me?

  45. the game is updated on 7th december so please update the hack also becouse its patched! and please make a hack works at 1 time only i dont want to restart my game over and over again!

  46. Shift aim not working as old aimboot hack. But good hack i was enjoyed with wall hack and ohther hack on trainer. THanks guys you guys are amazing. Old aimboot hack is better cuz it has the sniper croshair new aimboot hasnt scope, single croshair showing when i am scope

  47. Plz hack throne rush game.
    there gem is main.all buying gem by dollar and getting many opportunity but active players getting nothing.
    we need gem hack.
    plz do something and fuck nexters.

    • Sorry but The AimBot For Critical Ops Was Patched yesterday So We Are Working hard to make Another They Moved @ the Offsets in the Game So It Will Take Some Time On Updating it

      For Fast result, support and to talk to a team member in real time check out our discord at


  48. wow wall hack and sniper croshair is working… ESP is working but its like laging i can not see much. wall hack is amazing thanks guys. trainer is also working thanks.

  49. wow thanks for putting my video on your tutorial 🙂
    I will make other tutorial hacks from your trainers 🙂 I appreciate it so much!

  50. chase the aimbot is not working i followed the instruction it was working lately but when you changed the name it was not working now can you fix it

  51. hey bro i already watch the video and executed it properly but when i inject the aimbot nothing apears .. and what i just observe why did their hack dll file named Chase but mine is C0-26Nov2016-AIMBOT

  52. yo can you add aim down sights or sprint and or aimbot and or no clip were you can fly threw the wall and last thing can you add never die


  54. hi sir i really love ur website, but can i ask something ?, (normaly when u spec someone u will see ct is blue and T is yellow but what if someone spec the person with radar hack? is there something different with map ? i mean the spectator will see the enemy of person that using radar will turned to red dot ? *sorry bad english

  55. Uhm, cyberwolf i have a question, this is not about the hack, when i opened gameroom it open my microsoft edge and it loads a broken page for facebook, what can i do for this to be fixed, i can’t play Critical Ops now 🙁

  56. Hey man, you can pls atualize, this ? i’m brazilian sorry my english D: so, it’s about the patch, i can’t use the trainer, no recoil + no spread and show enemy on map.. The patch is v0.6.3.5 you can fix it ? pls, again, sorry my english D:

  57. ok so i got to say thanks for the hack, but i have a bigger issue: i was playing today for a clan recruitment ( i wasn’t using hacks, they would see it), and suddenly this mod comes in and with no evidence bans my account.
    First i got 1 hour ban and when it had 52 minutes left i tried again and said account permanently banned.
    I wass know if is there a way of getting my acc back.

  58. Hey,wolf,can you hack csp portable or critical mission swat.That game dont have support of devs so it would be easily to hack,if you can hack that game asap.

  59. cyber and chase i cant play critical ops now at FB and i cant download gameroom
    all the devs arr suck asses i hate devs and F***k dem all of dem
    am f***king angry ahahhh f***king asshole devs

  60. So I was playing in the browser version all this time, and found out the fb arcade version was released. So in the browser version, oh, no trouble, no ban or anything :).
    But when i try it on the fb arcade version, rip. I thought maybe im selecting the wrong progress, I select Fb arcade process; attach after; then activate all hacks and all of them fail. Also tried with the fb arcade (unity plugin) and did the same steps, and doesnt work.
    can you tell me the right way to do it, or maybe the hack needs update.
    THANKS 😀

  61. Help someone in the Facebook version of arcade games will not let me play an permanently banned me please someone help or put the work on facebook antiban games because otherwise not be able to play again and please add a hack skins pls

    I wanted to request a hack for critical ops,
    like you can see enemy through walls not just on mini map, that would be so helpful. 🙂
    I hope you guys manage that, we all respect and love your hard work..

  63. Thanks for your hacks you are absulutely amazing i rally thank u for the hacks thank you soo much i use it everyday when i play and now i feel like a pro when i play with pros , update the hack please and please add skin hack i dont have any good skins all tier 1s and add no clip back and a way to turn on and off hacks i even said that few days ago but its still not added

    • well i havent been hacking co since few months now. I just cant think about any more hacks for that game except esp and aimbot(which im not good at)
      no clip was removed since it was unsafe
      And they patched skin hack even before we could release it

  64. I use windows 10 64 bit and Facebook Arcade to play Critical Ops.
    Open up the game and while in main-menu I open the HACK then I injected it on Facebook Arcade Unity and when I tried to activate ANTI-BAN it always Fail.

    Help me out please!

  65. Cyber and guys are awesome.thanks for the hack.but reset hacks doesnt work.i have reload the browser to reset.if someone says im no recoil hacking i cant turn off hack and show them that i dont hack.please look into that matter

  66. Can you please UPDATE marvel avengers alliance Hack? and tell me when Thank you sir and my final questions how many MONEY you earn making HACKS? how many people Donate every day or every WEEKS and month?

  67. hello it’s Avenger again,
    We’re really happy with your hard work, Thanks for every hack.
    – by the way after the new update “Critical Ops v0.6.1.3” Facebook Arcade app now supports Critical Ops,
    i wanted to request a broswer search for FacebookArcade app just like Firefox & GoogleChrome.
    – Also please check if the hack APP needs any update after the game update, waiting for a reply 🙂