Contract Wars Hacks was tested and working on 5 August 2017 ! 

All The hacks should be working now. Fixed Thermal Hack and HC hack. Special thanks to Chase Nelson

This Hack now works on Kongregate, Facebook, and Miniclip

The Trainer Contains:

  • Mark Enemies
  • No recoil
  • High Accuracy
  • No spread
  • Show Enemy Health
  • Unlock All skills
  • Use Skills in Hardcore mode
  • Quick Respawn
  • Crosshair for Sniper
  • Thermal Hack
  • Remove Thermal circle
  • Remove Fog
  • Hit Detection + Show Enemy Motors
  • camouflage hack (removed)
  • No Knife Delay
  • Unlock All Weapon Sets : To make this work, Make sure to add the weapon which you buy after using this hack to another weapon kit. Change the current weapon kit to the first one and make sure to add in the weapons which you already have unlocked in the first kit. Then join a game, die and change the weapon kit to whatever kit you have the unlocked weapon in.

Enable the hack as soon as you see the loading screen

Note: If the servers won’t load, hit refresh 2-3 times. If any of the above hacks do not work, let us know by commenting below so that we can update them as soon as possible

Join Our Discord Server to stay updated and contact the admins any time you like –

Screenshot ~ (Taken on 15 May 2017):

 Do not enable in-game. Refresh and freeze the game using process hacker. After all hacks are enabled press resume.

Video Tutorial : 

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)

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  1. hallo admin.
    plz resolve the thermal hack its not working and neither the fog. i cant see enemies of long range.
    in first hacks its show all the enemies whos for away from me but now i can see only the normal thermal range enemies. plz fix the thermal hack. and i m facebook user.
    thankx waiting for your response.

  2. Can someone give clear steps on how to get this to work? I’ve tried to download other browsers etc. and can’t seem to get this work. Can someone please help?

    Does this work with the client at all?

  3. plz resolve this plz the termal hack is not working.
    i am using facebook account not kongergate may be its work on kongergate but its not working on facebook account plz resolve it admin.

  4. i have problems whit this hack i get errors.
    (, MX5, FireFox)

    Mark enemiyes whit health – failed
    Quick respawn + hit dect – failed
    Thermal Hack + Remove Thermal Mask – failed

    can you help me pls

  5. Hi CT, I just wanted to point out that the Contract Wars game has been updated because of which most of the hacks(like thermal hack) are not working. I thought that the problem will be eliminated after a new update for the trainer, unfortunately, that did not happen.

    CW has a lot of hackers and its time we showed that 2 can play at that game. Please update the CW trainer so that I can use thermal hack once again

  6. The some hacks doesn’t work like “Mark Players with Health, Quick Respawn+ Hit Detect, Thermal Hack+ Remove Thermal Mask

    Can you do something about it

    Thank you For You Kind Condsideration

  7. Hello mate,

    It’s like you have removed the thermal in the new update today 10th June. Why bro? It was working fine but now is horrible.

    Please, we need the termal vision and quick spawn


  8. im bored of people cheating at hc and i cant do nothing cause i keep dieing behind cover, cyber we need the hack at hc man, release it pls ( and thermal hack at hc at least, just focus at therrmal hack at hc it will sufice for me, thats all i ask and need )

  9. Hey,
    I see you don’t have the CW Aimbot dll on your webpage anymore.
    What happened? Is Chase gonna release a new one?
    If yes, do you know when?
    The old one works fine for aiming at USEC, but when I turn it to aim at Bear players there are always some kind of random marks floating around on my screen.
    If you’re not going to make a new aimbot or are not sure, do you know a working one that’s not a virus?
    Really appreciate your guys work

  10. you may choose to erase my comments but the hack will stil be not working, period. im not comenting here to be rude or something , im posting because its not working thats all, its trully not working, tried everything and still not working. and hc hacks dont work at alll, that was what i need most. we want thermal vision, but even at normal mode the thermal vision hack just disable the existing thermal vision…

  11. Sorry, CTMega-1.9 (Version: 23 May 2017) does not work. Checked with Win 7/64 B.
    From Firefox 52 RSD and Maxthon (Maxthon Cloud Browser) in Kongregate.
    (Thermal Vision: no (even the Normal Thermal Vision is canceled), firestab: no, Health and position of the enemy: no …)
    Excuse me, it’s bad news …

  12. pls dude release a hack that works against hc cause theres so much hacks now i need your tool to fight them, pls dude…

  13. hack still not working it says enabled and dont work at all normal mode or hc, all the same , and everytime i refreesh page, unity crash, in resume it is not working at all, it requires a certain version of firefox or something? cause here i cant use it…

  14. problem… All hacks are enabled but still doesnt work ingame.. no enemy spot or anything at all….tryed firefox and downloaded today but they just dont work.. not fb no konegrate. so any ideas??

  15. the hack isnt working at all, it says enabled but not working, sry if desagreed my previous comments and chose to not publish but the truth is that the hack not working… all of em say enabled and do no effect. please update bro.

  16. i have problems whit this hack i get errors.
    Mark enemiyes whit health : failed
    No reciol + no spread : failed
    skill in hc + show supp in hc : filed
    camo hack : failed
    remove fog : enabled
    Quick respawn + hit dect : failed
    crosshair + no knife delay : failed
    unluck weapon sets : enabled
    🙁 can you help me pls

  17. Hello mate,

    Thanks for the good job done on the previous CW hacks. They updated the game last night so the Hack is not working anymore. Please, Do update the hack when you can. Thanks for everything.

  18. Contract Wars doesnt even work on Firefox >52 anymore….. not even on FIREFOX 45…. can anyone help me how to play the game?

  19. I cant enable hacks while game is loading because it loads too quickly and if I enable after, the hacks wont work

    When I use process hacker to stop the game from loading I need to click the right task to suspend.. but when I reload game, the PID changes and I cant click on the task to suspend it fast enough to make the hack work

    Do you understand my probem? Please help bro!

  20. i eed help with game… i cant play on fb using firefox but it lets me play on kongerate,,, what might be the problem??? i deleted all cache and everything but no use… version of firefox is 51,0 and worked perfectly on 11 april….

    • KILOVATT, i think ur firefox has updated the last version (52,0) and with this shitting version it doesn’t alowed UNITY browser . So u have to reload an old version , me i use the 49.0.2 and i am actually playing Contract wars on Firefox and it works. Keep an eye on the automatic update of ur browser when u shut it down and reactivate it.

  21. cyber in future dont place wallhack or show motors or show names in the mod, the game now is unplayable. just the thermal and recoil will sufice, seriously the game is beyond unplayable.

  22. cyber the game updated today at same time as the cheat to patch 1.6720, can you guys update it again C:, thank you bro.

  23. Oke, now in cw version 1.6720 mega trainer doesnt work, before this update it worked perfect,even firestab worked way better than no recoil.wheb u think it can be updated for cw ???

  24. Not able to access the hack. Error says Critical error even after updating the cheat engine to the latest version. What to do?

  25. Can u make New Video Tutorial because i can not get this Enabled…I`m using Process freezer but hack failing all the time…. Please Make new Video tutorial

  26. Need some help. Firefox is not working anymore, re-installed Unity, doesn’t work. I’m trying Maxthon, but the process freezer provided doesn’t support Maxthon, and I’m not capable in freezing the process. Any ideas? TY CyberWolf!

  27. Can you update this hack to work with other browser like Uc Browser, Opera, Safari etc. Firefox is not working on this game anymore

  28. downloaded updated version and doesnt work 100% . Although it shows that everything is enabled but i dont see enemy names or hp.. Only things i can see ingame is grenades and working radar hack.. and sometimes enemys position flashes also …. but it sometimes… i have refreshed game and closed and open again but nothing helped so far.. so any ideas for me??

  29. hey i have an idea when u play rulete in CW u can try to stop on curent place with proces stopper and it sometimes work

  30. Hi, Cyber

    Kongregate and facebook contract wars Version update, So that one not working anymore.. Can you updated the Trainer version ..
    Thanks In Advance ..

  31. Update the hack does not want to grab only 4 things, nothing else I do all the steps well eh I even did it 6 times and it’s the same, it’s time to update it and put several things like the firestab and the weapons seat and The other set of weapons that are bought with gp, it would be better to update the hack, I know it will take time but it’s worth … thanks

  32. Hi CyberWolf.. Most of the trainer’s hacks are not working, when they are enabled as “fail”, in addition the “array of bite” in cheat engine no longer appears, so the hack does not work, it will only be me or with the Update will have blocked or improved security?
    It should be added that the aimbot, injecting the dll if it works

  33. hey cyber the cw updated today, can you update the hack? thnx bro. few stuff still working but i dont think its a good idea to use an outdate tool.

  34. Hi Cyber. great stuff but

    1. before, your thermal hack was dark blue color, not black and white, much easier to see the cross-hairs through a scope. Any chance of changing it back to the original?

    2. What is the point of injecting the .dll because there doesn’t seem to be any need for it. Is it for the AIMBOT?

    Thanks again!

  35. for me it looks like sometimes work and sometimes dont.. i have to close webpage and hack multiple times before it shows players hp and position….. and pressing shift key wont let me do as show in video… idk why .. so any help? im using firefox

  36. Hello! How do I activate the aimbot? And it does not allow me to use special weapons, I can put them on the set, but in the game they do not appear to me =/
    Im sorry for my english

  37. Hi, CyberWolf! Would it be possible to make the aimbots+trainers available only for people who pay? I have donated, and would like to donate again, but only if I get exclusivity for doing so (and for everyone else who pays to use your hacks). Thx for your hard work!

    • I did try that game out. Everything is usng server commands. That is , every ability you use or every move you make is done by sending and receiving commands to the server. In short, it cannot be hacked. I was able to disable enemies but it was only visual.

  38. Hey mate can you make a hack on resources for the game War Commander: Rouge Assault. It’s a new game and it’s a phone game

  39. bro i cant open a c trainer it says failure loading cheat table (error executing this table lua script )[string local and so on and can please tell me wht to do with dll file thank you

  40. Mark Enemy in HC only works periodically in team match like your old hack in deathmatch. your old hack would mark enemy throughout the game in all games except deathmatch, can you fix it like it use to be, thamks.

  41. man i was using this hack for sometimes. this hack is working fine but today always failing when starting only three hacks are activated smog anti ban 1 sonar thats it
    help me plzz bro i owe u man plzzzzzz

  42. CyberWolf grazie per il tuo hack!!!
    Purtroppo da oggi non funziona più. Ogni volta mi da “failed” e sono sicuro di fare tutto come nel tutorial. Non funziona ne su miniclip ne su kongregate. Aiuto please!

  43. Hi cyber bro. what is anti ban 1 , anti ban2, and anti ban 3 , in the new hack and do we have to enable all the anti ban or one or not needed at all . thanks for the bloody good hackers

  44. hi there
    gotta ask something to find out its just me or others having this problem
    when i enable the cheat,almost all of cheats work except SPECIAL weapons…they’re unlocked but when i want to use them in game,they dont show up and i only have a pistol
    it never works…i’ve seen some players using them frequently.
    please let me know if its a bug or something wrong with trainer or IM doing something wrong.
    thanks for ur work

  45. binocular + thermal doesn’t work anymore, when i press b it will just able to use the binoculars but i can’t shoot at targets, not like before while using b i can just easily shoot the targets. thanks for an amazing hack.

  46. Very good update, thank you! How does thermal work if I have the binoculars? It worked somehow, but don’t know what buttons I pressed, lol!

  47. hi bro thanks for the hack. i have a problem when i suspend the plug in when loading reaches to 100 all the hacks in cheat engine fails . but when the loading pass the 100 and then the other loading starting when i freeze it there all the hacks are enabled but all of them don’t work in game only fast respawn skill in hc and themal mask and zoom works need ur help i want that hack to work which shows enemy and their health to work please help me cyber. thanks

  48. Hi man great work! Assembler is so cool 🙂 i have one question: since you hacked spec weapons through the roullete (tell me if im wrong), can you hack gp weapons rents? (Like permarents)? 🙂

  49. the process of finding the right codes thats what intrests me. and plus would be usefull to know thing or two about how things are made. 🙂

  50. hello there.
    Im wondering would it be possible to record the whole process of making/updating it and upload it somewhere so i could see it.? 🙂

  51. first thank you, secondly when u add the unbreakable CR weapons and also add an open all slots of cutomizations please, third pls fix the use skills on HC mode, the health bar and mark enemy will be shown up when the sonar has been throwen

  52. Hi cyberwolf..first of all a big THANKS for your hacks. can you update hacks of contract wars and maybe u could add unbreakeble to this update too.

  53. can you update the hacks plz, and add like Crosshair, No Recoil, and wallhack / esp?, and also can you implement somthing lik aimbot so we can play easier? good luck!

  54. Hey cyberwolf thx for your hacks but the skill tree doesnt work + the special weapons and something else i think when i hit an enemy from distance he doesnt even lose life:(

  55. Hi, make pls. penetration hack, does your map hack works on shooting through walls, stones? And make pls. leaves, grass and tree hack. Thanks.

  56. hi, i used skill hack but it doesn’t work in-game! and the hacks disappear everytime i reload the page. please help! Thank you.

  57. cyber bro why there is so much lag with that aimbot fix i can’t play
    fps drop before i enable it fps is 47/50 but when i enable it it drops into 10/20 ?? plz try to fix this

  58. Hi Chase, i wanted to ask if you could please help me to capture tunnels alone in hardcore (i’m a Gunsmith), and can you hack a daily contracts free update, so that we will not wait the next day to start new ones.

  59. I just started using your trainer and it’s great. I have noticed that certain players are using a Armor or health HACK, and it’s not a ping or lag issue because i run into these same players in different maps and it’s always the same it take 2 or more clips to kill them, could you look into adding that if possible. Thanks for all your hard work.

  60. Hi, thanks for your service, you do much effort for our joy, there are many hackers ruining our game, promising that we will not change the game i would ask you if you could help me to be immortal or invisible, like you did before in interchange map, and i’m going home, to my country, there i’ll not be able to connect any internet from pc, so i want to get joy of weapons, i only want to ask if you please help me to unlock customizations, thanks!

      • Hello Cyberwolf..First Of All Thank You For All CW Hacks..You Guys Always Do A Great Job…Unfortunately Some Hacks On The Trainer Are Not Working…Believe Me I’ve Been Using Your Hacks For Almost 3 Months…Even On Old trainer They Didn’t Work At All…Im Talking About “Superzoom” “Remove Fog” “Sonar Range Hack” And “Weapon Set”…It Actually Unlock All Sets..But You Can’t Buy Any Weapons..To Me The Most Important Hack Is “Skills On Hardcore Mode” Which Doesn’t Work..I Tested Every Hack On The Trainer…I Have An Account Which Is Gunsmith With 25 Mortars..When I Play On Hardcore Mode..I Only Get 4 Instead Of My 25..That’s Why I Said It Doesn’t Work..Would Be Nice If You Fix This..Next Week I’ll Be Getting My Credit Card…I Will Contribute To The Site As Much As Possible..Also What Do You Know About Hacking The Roulette? I Saw A Guy Hacking It..He Gets 999 Try Every Time..Working And Tested..Anyways That’s All From Me..Thank You For Taking Your Time To Give Us..Good Hacks.

  61. $$CyberWolf$$ can you update the hack? All unlock stuff cannot purchase. Maybe the game update. I have tried before its okay but now not anymore. Thanks in advance…

  62. Will u guys make a hack to hack the weapons or Cr i kind of want a sniper that’s all i want from this game a sniper so i can kill people from long range i find that very amusing for me can u pls hack my account for me or just make a way to get Cr or hack the weapons

    • thats the hack for contract wars and as far as i know , it only works for the Facebook version and the Kongregate version of the CW. The VK version is also available somewhere in the website.

      • Hi, can you please help me fixing this problem?: failure loading the trainer reason this is not a valid cheat table (error executing this tables lua script undefined lua error)

        • Hi, Levi,
          I think it’s shown because in your PC/Laptop the trainer already running..
          you can solve the problem with turn off your laptop/PC, and start again..
          Or ctrl+alt+del then open task manager..
          There you can see those previous open trainer(cheat engine)still running..
          end those trainer 1st, after try to use the trainer I hope it’ll work Fine..

    • Will u guys make a hack to hack the weapons or Cr i kind of want a sniper that’s all i want from this game a sniper so i can kill people from long range i find that very amusing for me can u pls hack my account for me or just make a way to get Cr or hack the weapons

  63. The no recoil and no spread isn’t working, and i know im doing it right. Everything enables successfully but im still getting spread and recoil, only thing that is lowering the recoil is the skill hack. I still get sight recoil as well. And thermal doesn’t work, as usual. What am i doing wrong? I stop the game at 100% load in hacks, which they seem to load in just fine, it’s just that the norecoil isnt working

    • well i just tested the hack , recoil works perfectly fine. The spread works fine. I crosshair dont change tho but the bullet doesnt spread. I was able to do 45 kills with the hack

  64. CW Thanx for the hack and your work but i just wanna know what does the skill and vip hack do because i dont see it working

  65. Hi, Guys!
    1st let me thanks you for making a good trainer, that’s help me lot’s ..
    Specially I like Unlocked All weapon Kits(it’s help me lot’s to save my GP), Remove Grenade Dirt on Face & Quick Respawn..
    So, thank you So much for your works..
    Now am come to my request:- At kongregate we have options to collect some GP(doing some survers/playing some games)
    at there somehow we can able to buy premium weapons permanently..
    But, At FB we don’t have any options to collect or gets extra GP(Without using Real Money)..
    So, If You guys can help us to having premium weapons permanently at FB, i think that’ll be great help..
    Anyway, Thanks Again for the CW Trainer ..

    • Youre welcome mate. happy to help yall. To answer your question , something like GP is well protected and cannot be hacked. You can always use your facebook acc to login to your CW on kongregate. that way you can complete the surveys

      • No, that way i don’t use, i have kong account with different ID/pass.. n also have fb .. i don’t patch them together or register at kongragate using fb acc…
        And i know something like GP can’t be hacked,and i didn’t ask for that either.. but, maybe you guys can unlocked some GP Weapons for us.. beside I Don’t know about others, but I like few GP guns at there, with kong account i’m able to buy few of them.. but GP gun like Ak12 or Orsis T-5000, Ain’t easy to buy..
        they cost lots.. So, If you guys can help us unlocked some GP gunds like Ak12 or orsis T-5000.. then at least that’ll be great help for me and hope so for other facebook player too …

    • is there any hacks that you can do as All Weapons unlocked (Requires All Weapon Sets Unlocked) then unbreakable weapons that everyone was suggesting and more antiban options with hiding your name and unlimited gp sp cr and unlimited health and armor and flying but i hope you update it next day because i dont really want to wait that long anyway thanks.

  66. (FACEBOOK)

    I’ve tried it on multiple accounts and computer. But I CAN NOT use the SPEC WEAPONS in game, even though I equipted them.

    Please make a video using the weapons so I can see that it works… I did everything just as explained in video.

    I’d gladly donate money if you can fix this problem.

  67. There is unbreakable weapons on the list, but there aren’t unbreakable weapons in the cheat table. BTW, nice hacks

  68. Cyber my man Draken sang plz im waiting for it hack it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    tell me when u do
    thx ur the best 🙂

  69. Is any contract wars hack working for you guys??? Only thermal vision and antiban works for me & unlock weapons, BUT I CANT USE THEM – I’ve done everything just like in the video and I have downloaded the newest version. I want to know what the problem is or if the hack just does not work….??

  70. Hey Sir when i activate trainer for Contract wars and i choose Special guns for game then i dont have it when the game start it shows me only pistol not gun why any clue?

  71. Mr $$CyberWolf$$, is possible hack the w-task? change the PRO/Storm/Rage to Gain XP or something? And about hack the Weapon Constumizatons? Unlock the Metalevels? The GP and Spec Weapons u already told that is impossible, so, we have this others opitions. If possible. Thank you for your attention.

  72. $$CyberWolf$$ can you hack GP and special weapons for free???
    Your hacks are working perfectly….. CyberWolf deserves a great salute!!!

  73. Cy, why is the hack dont have unbreakable cr weapon, but the vk version has. Please, can you add the hack into kongregate version?