Clash Of Clans Hacked Server [OFFLINE]


Clash of clans DarkSoul hacked server is up and running !  Server was released and updated on  on 27th April 2016.


Server Details : –

  • Starting Gold1,000,000,000
  • Starting Exilir1,000,000,000
  • Starting GEMS1,000,000,000
  • Staring Dark Exilir – 1,000,000,000
  • Dual Install – That means , you don’t have to uninstall your original clash of clans. You can keep both of them !
  • Level bug and attack log bugs are fixed.
  • Starting level – 1
  • Starting Trophies – 0
  • Place Infinite number of buildings
  • Pre-installed Mods and MUCH MORE

Note:If you want to save the time by not downloading the 60mb apk , you can follow these steps for android. 

iPhone users can play on this hacked server by making the following changes inside of this article 

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Download the apk (works for non rooted / rooted devices) from below


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The above hack should work for non rooted devices, rooted devices and bluestacks. (I dont own the server , click here to go official website of darksoulscoc)



  1. Now i understand,the clash of clans hack is not offline,but the server is,the server was shut down,thats why he put [offline] which means the server is not operation anymore,sorry for my bad english,

  2. I tried this and I downloaded it but when I installed it I opened it up and the first little simple thing that pops up before the game loads just keeps popping up over and over again …so I went to their website and everytime I tried to download the modded app there ..I’m brought to media fire and I’ll click download but everytime I’ll get a pop-up saying download unavailable

    • we are looking into hosting our own server but is kinda hard since all the games we hack are for free and the small donations we get pays for this site so untill we can get some good donations then we will be looking into opening up our coc server again

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