Castle Clash Multi Hack


Castle Clash Multi Hack was released and updated on Jan 2018 (Gameroom Support Added) ! GAME LINK

Trainer contains : 

  • Disable Enemy Base: Enabling this hack will disable all the enemy units including heroes. Also Disables the Towers and all the other defensive buildings.
  • One Hit Kill : Destroy all the buildings in one hit (Which includes gold mines , walls, watchtowers , army camps , hero altar and etc irrespective of what level they are)

Note: If any of the hacks are not working , let us know by commenting below so that we can update the hack asap. More hacks will be added in future updates

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Video tutorial :

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. Hi Dear Admin hack r good eork but plaase hack more item in this game like
    shards, hounor point and merits plz these item add hacked trainer

  2. thanks for the hack but let’s be honest the game has not been updated for years and in fact nobody monitors it, if that were the case they would have already banned us.
    the point I want to reach is if they can hack the gems or the time of powering the buildings.
    or if they could bring the same hack but for the Android version? ^^
    Thank you very much and good job as always

    • You are right. The developers have totally forgotten about this game. But unfortunately, nothing else related to gems or buildings could be hacked. I did try hacking the android version but i couldnt do the same hacks

  3. Disculpe yo uso un Trainer que hace mucho creo “LOCKER BLUE” lamentablemente la pagina web ya cerró pero aun funciona su trainer de Castle Clash el cual incluye “FULL DAMAGE” “DISABLE ENEMIES” y “LONG RANGE” he visto que su trainer cyberwolf no posee el de long range, seria genial que lo integrara y si quiere hasta le puedo compartir el trainer de locker blue
    posdata: cuando activo el trainer de locker blue y el suyo el poder se incrementa y pued matar mas rapid : ) XD

  4. @$$CyberWolf$$
    please please please I request you to release Castle Clash mod apk…
    i don’t have pc/laptop..
    i own just a mobile and want to use Castle Clash hack on mobile.
    Please please release it and email me when released please. thanks in advacnce

      • Hey,
        I think, rather than producing a MOD APK, better release an hack of the same game for android of BlueStacks. Because the mod you released for 8 BallPool gave me a message with a
        title= “Final Warning”
        Message= “You are using a modified version or have done some modifications to the game files. This is the last warning. If you continue using it, your account will be permanently banned.”

  5. Hey,
    Can you please please and please with all due respect get the same hack for us for BlueStacks so that we can run it in Android Version using BlueStacks. Please please try.
    thanks in advacne

  6. some high level towers arent disabled. i tried attacking some people on top rankings and their towers are still attacking.

  7. if you don’t wanna get banned in first 3 weeks use Google translation to change your name to another language so the game DEVs cant find you.


  8. Add with your own?

    {‘Range Attack’,[[Aobscan(_fpq,0F 4A 00 00 62 07 66 EB 41 62 07 46 F5 41 00 A0 D0 66 B2 2E 0D 32 00 00 60 D5 01 46 E9 5C 00)
    db 0F 00 00 00 62 07 66 EB 41 62 07 46 F5 41 00 A0 D0 66 B2 2E 29 29 02 02 60 D5 01 46 E9 5C 00]],[[Range Attack]],[[]], ‘false’},