Best Friends Diamonds + Keys Hack Using Cheat Engine


Best Friends Diamonds + Keys Hack Using Cheat Engine was released and updated on 28 Oct2017 ! GAME LINK

Requirements – 

  • Cheat Engine 6.6


  • Open up your cheat engine and select the right browser process. (click here to know how to find the right browser process)
  • Scan the number of the diamonds you have under “4 Bytes”
  • Go and play one match which pays out diamonds ! (Play the level 8 which has “collect the diamonds” as the goal)
  • After completing the level, type the new number of diamonds you have. CLICK NEXT SCAN.
  • Change the result to any number you like.

Note: You cannot scan the diamonds you have then next scan the new number after spending the diamonds. This process only works if you WIN DIAMONDS !

Video tutorial:


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