Battlefront Heroes Multi Hack


Battlefront Heroes Multi Hack was released and updated on 3 Sept 2016 !

Trainer Contains: 

  • Disable Turrets (Patched): Disables the enemy turrets including bunkers and all types of turrets
  • Disable Defending Units: Disables all the units that are on defender’s base including the hero
  • Disable Landmines
  • Disable Traps
  • Disable Air Attacks

Make sure to refresh after winning every match or else you will get a refresh error. If you get any refresh error , hit the refresh button, wait for 5 mins and then refresh the game from browser

Note: I already tried building upgrade bypass and unit research / production time bypass. They appear to be server sided. If any of the hacks don’t work , let us know by commenting below so that we can update them asap.

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