Battle pirates hack was updated and released on 9th April 2016 ! Special Thanks to Joe Behle for the  codes.

Trainer Contains : 


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  1. Good day bro, and your are doing a very good job thank you m8, I just want to ask is it safe for me to send in a ticket if iam having problems with the game like fleet getting dammage in dock and also, What is “no afk msg”

  2. hi all would like to get a hack for trainer for titans on facebook if you of someone let me know please oh i dont what survey sites thx

  3. i cant use fiddler coz it wont install properly.for 6th times,ive done it :(,and i cant even use those BP hacks….please ,can u do something about it…the past hack is easier to use

      • There is a guy claiming to have ship build / repair and a lot of other stuff here But his page is shady and asks for a credit card so I don’t trust it. Anyways if these are actually possible can you work on adding them?

          • A few notes on Temp BPS,

            It takes a very very very long time to load them all at over an hour and a half I gave up.

            It applied a shit ton of experience that did not go away the account I tested it on went from 30 to 70 in the blink of an eye and these level seem to just keep going up every time you use it.

            With the above facts in mind if there is any way to make it permanent that would probably be better so you don’t eventually end up level just from turning this on and off.

            or If there was away to be selective of which blue prints you enable even if by category it would work better so it A does not take a insane amount of time and B you don’t gain as much experience.

            Bonus can you look into doing something with the foundry such as increasing fragment drop rate or removing the need for them ?

            Thanks in advance!

              • =( That sucks. Will you still be keeping these updated? (there was a patch today)

                P.S lots of us would love you forever if you changed your mind and made new ones! I know there is a instant upgrade one out there so that much is at least possible

                  • Btw I’ve been following your site for a few weeks now. I notice you seem way underappreciated and get way more requests then thanks you (kind of feel bad for asking for stuff now).

                    Anyways I just want to say I really appreciate what your doing here, I checked out a few of the games you’ve put hacks up for now and had way more fun then I would otherwise spending years trying to get caught up. Wish I could donate to the cause but not in a position to atm.

                    I can’t say thank you enough =)

  4. everything works perfectly apart from the fleet repair from docking …. and does it insta repair your fleet or just starts to repair it ?

  5. cyber can u help me plz….. I did have the battle pirates trainer working but had to clear my computer out now cant seen to download the trainer can u post it on here plz thanks

  6. Ive noticed (you prob) have too but maybe a suggestion when a flt is damaged it gives you time on repair but when you set off to repair it deducts time so maybe if you find out the proper timing on all flts when damaged maybe you could patch it to it repairs flts when it goes to `updating inventory` – or could we have a gold hack where if you pay for a 100 you actually get 200 (doubls the amount on what u pay for?

  7. tbh this hack sucks lol and just plain stupid i was level 40 and got me up to lvl 68 dafck is that all about …… and the damn BP dont work try to build the pun with it and got sos when i tired to build it…. now i got no BP and NOTHIG AND LEVEL 68 that account is trash………

  8. Hi guys & thanks, i wanna try this trainer, 1st i couldn’t find the video which u mention it will be add, 2nd would pls tell me how it work, with feddler or cheat engine? i didn’t use any with cheat engine yet, if u can explain it to me it would be wonderful & thanks again

  9. Not dl for me, just a bunch of ads & other programs like speed up computer/internet. I am not computer savey, but this does not look as easy as it appears !

  10. OMG, thank you sooooo much Cyber. This is amazing, even without the fleet repair hack working yet. It is given that getting past a server sided check is tricky with the pop up window about the “Saving operations”. Fantastic job cyber.

  11. Thank’s for your hard work guy’s and gal’s,keep up the great work. ….Question for yeah….how does this repair fleet thingy work?i have enabled it in the trainer as per the instruction,recalled fleet to base entered base ,tried clicking repair fleet nothing ,tried going back out to sea and back in to base still nothing, i’m unclear as how to go about repairing the fleet?? does it do it on it’s own ?? am i clicking or doing the steps wrong?? even if its not working at the moment ,i’d just like to know how this is accomplished …. P:S i can’t get the temp BPS enabled nor the Max retro.