Battle Pirates “Saving Inventory” Issue Fix



Solution For Non Facebook aka Kixeye Users:
1:when you see “saving inventory pop up” you see its refreshing itselfs try to click to “world map” aka “go to map” icone untill you out base between refreshs.
2:when you out base “saving inventory pop up” will stuck then click “leaderboard” on top middle menu choose “player medal” in left list then click someone then click “find base” while u moving to their base location “save inventory pop up” will be gone..
3:then click “go to base” icone top right corner then you able to use hack about blue prints.

Solution For Facebook Users: <<<<<<From Julies as $$CyberWolf$$ says….
After Hack Enabled
1:Click Any Friend Base From Bottom List
2:Return Your Base

Solution For Non Facebook aka Kixeye Users:
After Hack Enabled
1:Click World Map
2:Click Leaderboard Top Middle Menu Choose Player Medal Left List Click On Any Player In List Click Find Base
3:Return Your Base

Solution for Facebook Users : 

For everyone who have been getting “Saving inventory” on enabling all the hacks – ” once it starts to say saving inventory keep clicking in friends base at bottom then return to your base then it wont do it any more “  ~ Thanks to Julies sharing it with us. You usually get that on enabling the blueprints hack. Plus enabling it will also increase your level in some cases.

About Blueprints

I see many people asking about this and there are 2 questions with blue prints

Questions & Answers:

1:what can i do with them?
*You can rank them while u dont have them in game then they will be ready when you own them in game
*You can use them on base things only while you dont own them in game till you own them
*You able to use blue prints on any “base buildings” and “turrets” with “turret guns” and “turret specials” and “base specials” and “any base buildings armors” while you dont own them in game

2:why i cant use them?
*You cant use blueprints included ship things. For Example “ship specials” “ship hulls” “ship guns” which means the reason you cant use blueprint is u try to use ship hull in blue print or ship guns or ship specials so u get S.O.S. page indeed…

Hope its helpful. Special Thanks to RascaL to post this in the comment section !


  1. I have your latest updated battle pirates trainer v299..And im reading that you can use blueprints on turrets in your base..but every time i try….there are no blueprints doesnt show the blueprint button…why is this…I thought you said we could use them on our base?