Battle Pirates Mega Hack – [DISCONTINUED]


Battle Pirates Mega Hack was Discontinued temporarily. 

This Hack used to Contain: 

  • Modded / Hacked SWF file which contains: – Loggers , Error and Checker Bypasses. Which makes this the safest hacked SWF file to Gold Bypass. You can do everything in-game that gold can do that is , instant upgrade buildings, turrets, retrofit and a lot of stuff. The only thing You cannot  do is Produce Ships.

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Requirements for using a modded SWF file for Battle Pirates (if you have any): 





Video Tutorial: (ON HOW TO USE THE SWF)

Swf File Contains: 

  • Anticheat Bypass
  • Gold Hack + Bypass (Works on Old Accounts till level 6 and till level 4 in new accounts)
  • Instant Resources
  • Instant Base Repair
  • Visible Subs
  • Bypass Uranium

For everyone who have been getting “Saving inventory” READ THIS





  1. So after I speed upgrade something everything stops working and base wont save. Is there a way to fix this? It was happening before when I did OP upgrades so I just waited it out but now its happening with most things I speed up.

  2. In my chat it states Sikuk & CT free hack, does this mean the hack is enabled? I tried to do a retrofit and the uranium wasn’t free and the instant resources isn’t working. Not sure I have something right.

  3. Okay, so I have been doing some research on these hacks and found out that while there are tons of others out there CyberWolf is the only one who does it for free….. So thank you for that.

    Now for the important part. From what I have seen other hacks have been able to unlock free titanium and they also found a way to allow people to use base parts without the game actually raking the base parts.
    The final thing that I thought was really cool was stackable specials, this means you can have 2 range boosting specials on one ship which in turn would be a really cool feature.

    • Hello mate! Can you tell where have you seen such hack since i have been search for months and couldn’t find any?

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